Happy Father's Day!

Here's to all the good fathers out there, and most specifically to mine, for:

1. Not getting mad when I totalled his car that one time
2. Laughing at my jokes
3. Making the best chocolate milkshakes ever
4. Listening while I rant about idiot things
5. Agreeing with me that the lyrics to "Hero" (as sung by Mariah Carey) do not belong in sacrament meeting talks
6. That recent airport incident where I, ahem, left my purse at his house
7. Doing the family history so I don't have to feel guilty
8. Teaching me how to use the "hostile work environment" card to settle a bit of office idiocy
9. Encouraging me to apply to grad school
10. Never, ever once asking me when I'm going to get married

I love you!


Miss Hass said... [reply]

Your dad rocks!

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