MAC Attack

Yesterday was a fun one. My sister Jen and I went to a makeup counter at Nordstrom and got ourselves one of them do-overs.

We had to bring Darling Savannah with us and were really careful to put a cute outfit on her so that we would look like the kind of people who belong in Nordstrom. Of course, the wee child threw up her juice all over herself in the parking lot, so there went that plan.

The person who worked on me was wearing this really pretty, understated makeup that day, so I was able to just point at her and say, "Make me look like you." Usually at the MAC counter that would get you looking like a peacock exploded on your face. I was just glad I didn't have to tell her the whole truth:

"Hi, I'm here because I need someone to explain how this whole eyeshadow thing works. Right now it's beyond me. Also, I only spend about 10 minutes in the morning on my face, so I'm looking for maximum results with minimal effort. Plus, I don't plan to actually buy any of your expensive and trendy products, on account of I'm cheap and would consider that Wasting Good Money. Instead, I will be heading over to Wal-Mart right after this so I can load up on Jane products, which Paula Begoun says are practically the same thing anyway. Let us begin!"

My girl was very nice and made me look gorgeous. I swear she used about 7 different eye shadows on me. They all had names like Sable and Llama and Bagatelle and Plumfoolery. I did buy the eye color "Sable" ($13) because I didn't want to be a jerk, and because it looked pretty cool on. Those brushes were kind of amazing, too.

Later that night I went to a wedding reception for a boy I used to have a crush on. It was great for my self confidence to stroll in there, all made up but not looking like a victim of domestic violence or anything. People kept asking me what I'm up to, which from some people is code for "Are you dating anyone yet?" It was very nice to tell them about how I'll be leaving for England in the fall for grad school. Nothing says "not crying into my Italian ice and wedding cake" like moving to Europe!

Only three more months left!


Miss Hass said... [reply]

I got a makeover at Clinique about 3 years ago. I'm still using the eyeshadow and eyeliner I bought there. I know, bad. But I also discovered the absolute best lip color for my face. I can wear it plus mascara and look like I spent a year on my face. So I guess sometimes it's worth it to buy department store.

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