Countcher many blessings

So I realize that for the past few days my tone may have been somewhat . . . acerbic. I'm sure if you've read what I wrote, however, then you know that it wasn't my fault and was simply a case of freakish people driving me past the point of reason or sanity.

Also there's this very tedious work project (with a deadline) that is causing my eyeballs to bleed. To top it off, people keep walking up to me and asking me to take on all these other projects as well. This makes me want to bellow in the manner of a moose that has been set on fire. Granted, I have never actually seen a moose on fire, but I'm sure the noise would be horrific.

However, I wouldn't want anyone here to think that I'm some kind of permagrouch, because I'm actually a pretty grateful person. And I will prove it by creating a list of things I'm thankful for, much in the manner of Pilgrims or frost-bitten pioneers.

1. My niece. How could you not love someone who lets out a drunken banshee shriek when she sees you and then runs straight to you with her arms up in the air? Granted, I wouldn't want a date to begin this way, but you get what I mean.

2. My job. Even though there are current aspects of my job that I hate, I was very lucky to get hired on within this department. I've been here since 1998 when I was a lowly student, and they've been very good to me. Plus in the last two years of crazy globe-trotting thankless no-overtime work I earned enough to make the whole grad school thing a viable option. Also I've earned enough Skymiles to become a Silver Medallion Member and so I've flown 1st class a couple of times. Mmm . . . first class . . .

3. My apartment. The living room has dark red walls. It was love at first sight. And it's this beautiful townhouse, which is light years away from the first 45-yr-old pile of trash I moved into as a sophomore. I have my own room and bathroom, and since I'm in the basement it's about 10 degrees cooler down there.

4. The United Kingdom. I'm grateful to the place in general for things like British accents and Colin Firth, but I'm even more excited that I actually will get to live and study there for a whole year. This is something that I've dreamed about for years and years but never thought I would get to do. And the fact that Heavenly Father helped make everything fall into place so easily makes me feel like I don't deserve to complain about anything ever again. I probably will, though. Let's be honest.

5. My family. They really are a good bunch, even if they do insist on living in stupid Alaska. My parents have always encouraged me, and my mother has never introduced me as "her single daughter," which, sadly, not all of my friends can say.

6. Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcake Surprises. My roommate AA just gave me one. It is like heaven with melted chocolate chunks.

7. Blogging. I had no idea how much fun it would be when I got started, and I've met so many cool people (and a small number of militant anti-Muslim freakshows) doing this! And maybe one day Penguin Putnam will ask for permission to publish the whole thing in book format and I will become rich and famous and will move to England and buy a castle like Madonna. (Will not, obviously, be like Madonna in other aspects, such as vulgarity or mystical Judaism.)

8. Sunny days. (Cue the Sesame Street theme.) I really need to remember to appreciate these things right now, because they are beautiful. Ditto for the Wasatch mountains and the gorgeous sunsets. Next year will consist of a vast array of clouds, fog, rain, mists, drizzles, mizzles, and whatever else England has tucked up its sleeve. You will probably find me blogging through tears of joy and happiness when I actually do see the sun.

9. Great Roommates. These are the girls who are going to let me crash on the couch for a few weeks after my housing contract ends on September 1st. It would be very inconvenient for me to be packing for England while living in a van down by the river!!!

10. Chocolate. And brie. I don't eat these two things together, but I'm always grateful for them. I'm grateful for friends like Cicada who teach me to marinate the brie in lemon juice, olive oil, onion, and red pepper before serving it warm over baguettes. I'm also grateful to the good people at Costco who sell that huge brie wheel for something like $3.99 so that I can buy it and eat it like pizza if I feel like it, which I haven't yet, but still. I thank you.

And God Bless Us, Everyone!


Me again said... [reply]

Mmmmmmmmm Colin Firth, Chocolate AND cheesecake all in the same post.

Sorry Some major drooling going on over here.

ambrosia ananas said... [reply]

Because of my inherent laziness, I didn't even consider the possibility that there could be a post *below* your latest one that I might have missed by not scrolling down. So I only saw this just now.

Chocolate cupcakes--are they anything like the ones the Curly-Headed Boy used to make for work? Mmm.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Oh yes. Yes, they are. I stole another one and ate it furtively in my car this morning.

Kelly said... [reply]

Oh I am so all about the big Costco brie wheel. Goes great with the Costco multipack of Carr's crackers.

I'm also all about Colin Firth. And cheesecake.

...Colin Firth cheesecake...Mmmmm..

chosha said... [reply]

Ooh I so have to try that brie idea!

And amen to the Colin Firth comments. That man is adorable.

Star said... [reply]

I really like this post. A whole bunch. The fact that you posted Colin Firth as one of the blessings of the UK is just magical.

Star said... [reply]

And the fact that the title of this post is exactly the way the congregation sings this song. That is prime

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