I went camping. I am One Who Camps.

Honestly, I don't know why everyone acts so shocked when I tell them I went camping last night. I'm not averse to camping. I just don't want to do it if it will cause me to be lost, cold, or eaten by wild animals.

Last night's camping adventure had none of those things, which makes it a success in my book. Also AA lent me this great REI sleeping bag. Turns out the expensive ones are better than the cheap purple thing I've been using since I was 9.

We almost didn't find a campsite because everyone else in Utah decided to head up to American Fork Canyon and do some camping too. Everything was full. In the end we snuck into someplace called Mutual Dell, which was against my principles because I like to follow The Rules. Only when the caretaker noticed us he said it was okay because it was after 8pm and the people scheduled hadn't shown up to claim their spot. We love the caretaker and his 4-Wheeler of Mercy.

Honestly I'd forgotten that I do like camping. I like campfires, I like camping food, I like babbling brooks next to one's campsite, and I really like the big tent that the girl in charge brought. It had this window-screen-style material on top, so when we turned the flashlights out we could see the stars and the trees up above us. This made me ponder the heavens and the universe for exactly 2 minutes and 17 seconds, at which point I passed out.

After I woke up I lounged in the sleeping bag for awhile, on account of it was so luxurious (the sleeping bag itself, not the actual hard bumpy ground upon which it lay) and then got up. And there was no fire! This somehow seemed strange and unfriendly to me, even though there was no real reason to build one. We were just going to eat a cold breakfast and then pack up, and it's not like it was 40 degrees outside. I still almost started one though, before deciding that I shouldn't be silly and we didn't need it.

I think I wanted one because when my family used to go camping together, Dad always got up first and built the fire. It was just what he did. "I'm the father and there will be a fire and hot water when my children wake up. The wilderness won't get us today. That's right. I can provide."

Also of note: Symphony bars make for great s'mores. And philly cheesesteak sandwiches from The Italian Place make great tinfoil dinners. Remember that.


Star said... [reply]

Just discovered your blog. Enjoying it quite a bit.
I went camping as well this weekend. I am jealous of your fantastic tent. Ours was much smaller and therefore, was a bit cramped. I also was wishing for a fire in the morning made by a father, although we didn't need it for our muffins and juice.
Sidenote-We also did the symphony bar thing for s'mores. And we used a Caramello. That is delcious!!

Desmama said... [reply]

Just discovered your blog too--well, have been reading it for a few weeks but just got my own so I could comment. Your bro, coolboy, directed EricDSniderites over, and I was one of 'em. Love your blog! Read it to my DH and we laugh (in a good way). My favorite so far has been the prison one.

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