Thank you to everybody!

Sorry, but this isn't a real post. I'm just writing to say that 1) You can expect a nice juicy post with pictures later tonight, 2) I have not ended my life in some panic-induced huffing overdose, and 3) I had a wonderful birthday!

Thanks so much to everyone who called and emailed and visited and fed me and sang and sent good vibes and took me out and showed up at my door wearing nothing but a grin (Ioan, you naughty . . . ). And thanks to the federal government for scheduling a holiday just for me. The time off was much appreciated.


Cicada said... [reply]

Here I thought you were talking about me, but it was Ioan all along! Well, sad to know that my nothing-but-a-grin wasn't appreciated!

Coop said... [reply]

I swear I've wished you a happy birthday already. I just know it. However, as the risks associated with redundancy are always lesser than the risk of exposing that one has not picked up on not-so-subtle clues throughout another's blog... Happy birthday!

Th. said... [reply]


May I blame my not knowing on my wife? Or would that be horrible stereotyping if not downright misogyny?

Anyway, happy birthday.

Miss Hass said... [reply]

OH CRAAAAAAAAAAAP! After all my kvetching about people forgetting my birthday last year and I go and forget yours this year!?!?!?

Anonymous said... [reply]

Happy Happy Birthday Miss Nemesis Dear
Happy Days will come to you all year
If I had one wish then it would be a
Happy Happy belated(d'oh!) Birthday to you from me.

sounds like it was lovely, sorry i completely spaced it.
love, lady steed

Savvymom said... [reply]

I DIDN'T FORGET! But then how could I since you told me a billion times what you wanted me to make you for your bday dinner/dessert. ;) haha. I'm funny.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Yay, it's Lyn---um, I mean, Lady Steed! Thank you so much for the happy wishes! And please tell me when yours is so I don't forget like I do every single year.

And Hass, what are you even talking about? You remembered my birthday last year AND sent me a present from TARGET and I didn't even remember yours! When is it again? October? November?

chosha said... [reply]

Hey happy birthday! It's mine today (7th). Glad you had a good one.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Happy Birthday to Chosha! May you get all the presents you want, and I'm sorry I can't take you to lunch to celebrate!

CoolMom said... [reply]

I could have sworn that I posted something here earlier, but it seems to have disappered. How strange is THAT?

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