"My colors are blush and bashful"

So I know we just had a mommie gem, but this one is much better than the last one. Also I don't have time to write you anything good today. I'm have to face the fact that I'm going to flunk out of school unless I can get my act together and do a great job on the three assignments that are due this week.

Plus, Streets is coming to visit me on Friday and we're going to London (yay, London!) to see Ewan McGregor in Guys and Dolls! This is because life is good right now, even if it is fixing to kick me in the pants. And by pants, I mean trousers. Not underwear. Sickos.

So here's a very funny email I received once from my mom when I told her I'd been asked out on a date. Clearly, I wasn't telling her this often enough, because once I did she pulled out the big guns.


Now, don't laugh, it's just an idea, but I read somewhere yesterday that pink is a sexy color because it's very feminine and it makes you look vulnerable, which in turn makes men feel protective. What this has to do with sex I have no idea, but it might be worth a try. NOT that you want to have sex, but that they might notice you and get some intense personal longing to love and protect you. Okay, fine, you can stop laughing now. I'm only thinking of you. But if you have something pink, you might try it, consider it an experiment in human something-or-other.

And then I laughed my head off and told her that I would be putting that up on the Internet someday. So if any of the ladies out there have stories of the ways in which the color pink got them some action, I'm sure we would all love to hear it. Gentlemen, you are likewise invited to share stories of the times when the color pink made you develop an intense personal longing to love and protect its wearer.


Th. said... [reply]


I hate to knock this theory, but I can't think of any time pink has worked wonders on me.

Or maybe it is just that I don't have a decent club and so suppose that the most vulnerable should find someone else to protect them from neighborhood lions, tigers and mastadons.

Grumbee said... [reply]

Actually, I do have a pink story. On a first date with a girl I told her the story of how some buddies and me, for Halloween, dressed up as our own mock boy-band called N'PYNC (we all wore fluorescent pink outfits). I then kiddingly told her that my favorite color was pink(now I see I should have used the "protective" line)
So that turned into a sort of an inside joke between us. She wore pink everything on our second date and after we eventually hooked up I made her some pink one piece pj's with the feet! Madness! So I guess pink CAN set the stage for romance....
Also, I worked one summer at a garden shop and I think the pink roses smell the best.

Savvymom said... [reply]

BABIES wear pink. So what does that mean? I hope not that they want some lovin.

Panini said... [reply]

Your mom is so classic! What a hoot! :) I love wearing pink...maybe there's something to it. (snicker)

E said... [reply]

Laugh all you want, guys, but pink works. I've noticed that my boys are much more protective of me (hand around the shoulder when crossing the street, etc.) than when I wear black or some other dark color. It's true. Make-up also has that effect.

CBH said... [reply]

Maybe they just look so cute the guys can't keep their hands off. Like the way old ladies act around babies.

Kelly said... [reply]

Steel Magnolias AND Ewan MacGregor?! Awesome.

I have the kind of face that makes everyone think I'm a good girl so I think when I wear pink it just adds to that. However, I have been told that I look hot in red.

redlaw said... [reply]

Ewan McGregor!!! Ewan McGregor!!! Forget this pink nonsense...you are going to a play with my future husband in a starring role and i am only just now finding out about this???!!!

*crossing arms and pouting*

I wanna go to England!!! I wanna see Ewan!!!

Streets of Belfast said... [reply]

So I have no pink stories or pink clothes, but perhaps I can rectify both by a quick shopping spree on High Street. I also must echo redlaw's Ewan statement and express great joy in the fact that I will be going to London to see him (oh, and you too Nem).

metamorphose said... [reply]

My pink hair is growing green with envy...LOVE Ewan McGregor. Be sure to tell about his stellar performance after doing your assignments.

April said... [reply]

By the way, love the quote. Is it sad that I knew instantly it was from "Steel Magnolias?"

Anyway, the first time I wore a new pink zip-up to a bar, the tank top underneath kept slipping and revealing too much of the goods. So I started tucking in the tank in the back, and some old guy came up to me and asked if I needed some help. I screamed no, and my friends all died laughing. But that's about all the pink I can think of.

April said... [reply]

P.S. N'PYNC. Classic. If only more boys were that funny.

Laura said... [reply]

N'PYNC - Ha! I keep trying to tell my boyfriend that he needs to start a boy band. I think he could be the quiet introspective one with semi-questionable facial hair.

I never ever wear pink. However, people (boys and the ladies) always act protective of me. Of course, that might have more to do with the fact that I tend to faint a lot and appear rather delicate and fragile than the color of my clothes.

Savvymom said... [reply]

Maybe you and streets should go to the play wearing pink and see if whatshisface notices you and starts reciting his lines to you.

kristen said... [reply]

I never knew your mom was so......kinky. I would turn bright red if my mom said stuff like that to me.

So maybe that's my problem--I don't own any pink clothes. I always thought black was a sexy color. Not because it makes you vulnerable, but maybe the opposite. (It's also slimming).

Stupidramblings said... [reply]


Pink is like a mullet--only for girls. The mullet on a man does something to women, but not all of them. Likewise, pink on a woman does something for guys, but not all of them.

I must mention here that many boys are wearing pink these days. You want to make sure those who are attracted to your pink attire do not themselves wear pink.

In fact, just don't date men who wear pink. Maybe one at a time, we can buck this horrible fad...


CoolMom said... [reply]

This little peice of info came from the msn homepage a few weeks ago under the heading of "151 ways to be sexier" or something like that. I didn't make it up. But the pink idea looked harmless, unlike most of the rest of the ideas.

Grumbee said... [reply]

Doesn't black have some kind of hidden meaning with girls also?

Nemesis said... [reply]

Th.--Plus, it's not like Lady Steed is a shrinking violet or anything.

Grumbeer--Did she ever actually wear the pajamas?

Savvymom, I think some baby girls wear pink because they are baldies and their moms don't want people mistaking them for boys. I mean, that's what I've heard anyway.

Panini--Yeah, my mom's a funny one. And you look lovely in pink, btw.

e--Are you saying that we should start wearing pink makeup instead of black? Interesting . . . :-)

Cbh, I am now disturbed.

Kelly--I bet you do look hot in red. And I'll be sure to give the Ewan lowdown for anyone who wants it!

Grumbee said... [reply]

Yeah, she wore them once but they were a little too small length-wise so she couldn't quite stand up straight.......but they were flannel!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Redlaw, I would be happy to pass on any message or gesture that you would have me give to your fiance. That's what friends are for. Or you could try to find a way to tell him in person, I suppose . . .

Yeah well, best get on that, Streets. I'm sure it would send those Irish youths out rioting and stuff.

Meta, have no fear. I will tell you all. And possibly I'll hold up a sign that says "Meta loves you!!"

Nemesis said... [reply]

April, thanks for knowing where the quote came from! Also, your story is both frightening and hysterical.

Laura, you raise a good point. I could never look frail with these shoulders, though (wussy, sure, but not frail). So probably the pink is my best best if I want people to be solicitous of me.

Savvymom, that's an excellent idea. When I go to see Ewan McGregor sing in real life I may just wear the pink.

Kristen. Dude. Are you slandering my mom? ;-)

Stupid, I will work on not dating boys who wear pink.

Hi Mom! Thank you for sharing the pink idea rather than the other ideas that were probably listed. Cuz, you know, then Kristen would be right about us.

Grumbeer, I know of no hidden meaning to do with black. If we wear it it's generally because a)we're having a fat day, b) we're going out to something nice and want to look sophisticated, or c) we're a Civil War widow.

Susannah said... [reply]

PS-- Ewan McGregor in Guys & Dolls: swoonworthy.

I hope your seats are better than mine were, for your sake.

hint: if you wanna sneak a picture with a digital camera (you know, all illegal-like) you can either turn off your screen or do what I did--hold your camera tight up to your purse, so to light is coming from it (but be sure to turn off your flash!)

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