Wherein I begin the path to recovery

So, lest there be a few people in the backwoods of Nepal who haven't heard yet, I'm sick.

Only now I'm going to be getting better, on account of my aforementioned BFF, even Dr. N of the Student Health Clinic.

I went to see him on Monday at the urging of my family, my friends, and my own wish to find out if I have a chance at life or if I should start asking sweet sweet death to just get it over with and take me.

I waited for exactly 2 seconds in the waiting area, reading the many posters about meningitis and safe sex that they have up on the walls, and a beautifully Asian-accented male voice called my name. And thus it began. He invited me to sit down and tell him about my symptoms and everything, which I was happy to do.

Dr N: "So does your face hurt right now?"

Me: "Yeah, kinda, but I'm on, like, tons of drugs, so . . . "

DN: (presses his fingers on my forehead) "Does this hurt?"

Me: "Yep." (Partly because you're pressing against a zit, but hey, whatever. Pain is pain. Give me the drugs now.)

DN: "So you are congested. And is there discharge at all from your nose?"

Me: "OOOHHHH Yeah. Lots of it." (I didn't tell him the part where I think I've moved past my sinuses and am now expelling actual pieces of brain.)

We did Q&A for a bit longer, and then he agreed with me that I have an infection, and told me to take Amoxicillin and do the Vicks Vapo-Rub steam thing and take whatever pain-killers I want (heee . . . ).

So then he was tapping the notes into my file.

DN: "Now, you're on the Pill."

Me: "Uh huh."

DN: "This interferes, so for two weeks you need to use a condom instead or tell him to keep away from you."

Me: (in my head): "Hmnah heh? Who? Wait, I have to stop taking Yasmin? But I NEED her! I turn into a zit-face without her, and what the heck am I gonna do with condoms???"

Me: (blinking violently) k-kay.

Dn: So, do you have any other questions?

Me: "Um, I think I got it. But, um, I have to stop taking the pill for two weeks then? Because I'm not actually using it for birth control--it's for hormone/acne stuff."

DN: "Oh, you're not? Then no no no, you can take it. It's just that the antibiotics make it less effective as birth control. But if you're not using it for that then go ahead."

Me: "Okay, good. Because see, I was kind of sad thinking I was going to have to be all zit-faced. Cuz, I mean, I'm already sick."

DN: (laughing in the dear benevolent way he has) "No, no, I would not do that to you."

Then we said goodbye, and when I said thank you I sort of had to stop myself from throwing my arms around him and sobbing.


Stupidramblings said... [reply]

Sobbing? Throwing your arms around a doctor? Sobbing?

Sheesh! I hate to think how you treat your psychologist...

Rachel said... [reply]

Nemesis, after my recent trips to the dentist I completely understand the urge to hug your health care providers. Hug away, my snot sister! (They need to be loved, too.)

April said... [reply]

I hope I never get sinusitis. Amoxicillan would probably be the death of me. Me allergic.

Hope your recovery time is quick!

CoolMom said... [reply]

Glad to know you are feeling better and that you are blogging again. Now we all have meaningful reading material. Also, your pixie has a nice tree.

redlaw said... [reply]

I spit some water at the screen when you talked about how you've reached the point of expelling brain matter - only because I too have been questioning if it is snot at this point or brain matter...at least one of us is smart enough to go to the doctor. Something about my stingy, puritan, evil ancestry keeps me from doctors until I am actually dead.

JB said... [reply]

Glad you're on the road to recovery! I'm also glad that your doctor sounds nice and that you don't have to take a break from Yasmin. ;) I hope you're better soon!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hi Stupid--I actually see the same psychologist that you do! We mostly just swap stories about you and laugh. It's great times. ;-)

Rachel, I completely understand you and Dr. Sunshine and Bluebirds on My Shoulder now!

April, I bet they would find something else for you--just, you know, check the packet and all. Because we wouldn't want anything to happen to you!

Hi Mommie. Isn't the tree nice? I know it's nothing to my own 90 cm version, but still.

Redlaw, I promise not to be your mother and tell you that you should go in (although I want to slap myself for not having gone in earlier). I also won't ask if when you blow your nose you get different colors from each nostril--because that's a gross question and I'm sure I don't know anyone like that.

Thanks JB, and thanks for being empathetic about the Yasmin. I mean really! That just would have been The Last Straw.

Squirrel Boy said... [reply]

I want someone to give me drugs and stuff. I feel like my face is about to explode. *whimper*

Julie said... [reply]

So glad you ar feeling better and have a doctor you would want to throw your arms around!

The Walrus said... [reply]

See, I would throw my arms around my doc, but I'm afraid of catching whatever disease the people who were there and hugged him before had. ;)

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