Let the wild rumpus begin

So Baby Savannah is having a great time with the whole "having grandparents in town" gig. She already knows that Grandma and Papa = Krispy Kreme and Soda. Today my mom and dad and I took her to Burger Supreme for lunch, where she drank 1) Mom's Diet Coke, 2) my root beer, and 3) her ketchup. We went for lunch because Savvymom and Savvydad were taking the new baby to have his little, ahem, procedure. I'll leave Savvymom to tell that story, though.

This morning she presented my dad with Where the Wild Things Are and made the noises that mean "read this to me right now and nobody gets hurt."

Dad: "Okay sweetie, let's read the book. I don't have my reading glasses, though . . . "

So because he couldn't see the words he just made stuff up.

Dad: "And this boy has a crown or something on his head . . . "

After a few minutes I heard . . .

Dad: "Wait, what kind of oddball animals are these? What book is this??"


Spitfire said... [reply]

At work. Reading non-work related material. Silently laughing my butt off. Ok, now audibly laughing my butt. Laughing harder. Trying not to fall out of chair. Trying not to pee my skirt.

Good post!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Okay, so this last comment came to my gmail account and Gmail was thoughtful enough to provide this ad at the top, thank to your comment!

My SweetPee - www.mysweetpee.com - A sanitary alternative for women. Relieve yourself while standing!

Stupidramblings said... [reply]

I LOVE the wild rumpus part. You know--where the kid turns into the devil himself and becomes king of all the other devil-spawn. He doesn't even get in trouble for it.

If that book isn't the testament to drug use for children, I don't know what is.

And doesn't diabetes literally MEAN "sweet pee?"

You'll find my spot-on analysis to be correct

Rachel said... [reply]

Ah, endoctrinating children into the church of Krispy Kreme... It's never too early.

CBH said... [reply]

To make matters worse, if you use the terms "doughnut" or "Krispy Creme" in the car she throws an incredible fit that continues all the way to the store, in line, and while she's eating the "note", as she calls them. It's a sad thing.

And as for the diabetis comment, in the civil war, doctors would taste the pee of people they thought to have diabetis. If it was sweet, they had it, if not, that's still gross.

Lady Steed said... [reply]

Have not been to Burgers Supreme for about a year and a half now but AS soon as I saw the picture I said, "Oh look, Savvy is eating at Burgers SUpreme, yum" THen thought, "Wait, how do I know that? I can't be right." But then proceeded to read your great post and discovered I was correct, she was eating at Burgers Supreme.Is that weird?

Did you have a milkshake?

Savvy and the Big O should form a club: Children Who Love to Eat Condiments from Packets.
O once ate a pack of hot Taco Bell Sauce. He really liked it and asked for more.

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