Mommie gem

Remember how sometimes I do mommie gems? Well it's Christmas and Easter all rolled in one, because today I have a new one for you!

The other day I was steeling myself to go drop 60 bucks with the hairdresser lady to get my hairs done. My split ends were taking over the world, and I needed to have chemicals poured on my head to stop the dirty dishwater shade that tries to take over my head when I'm not looking.

When this happens, I have this conversation with myself (and with anyone else unfortunate enough to be around) about how I really should not be spending that much money on something as silly as hair, and how I can't just keep this up indefinitely, and how I really should just stop and accept the fact that my natural hair color looks like dusty bat poop and how I will never spend enough time in the sun, ever, to get natural highlights.

This time, I had The Conversation with Mom and Savvymom.

Me: "I mean, it's just so much money to spend. And it's especially expensive to spend that in England, where everything is twice as much."

Mom: "Now, it should be cheaper to get your hair done in Europe. It was when I lived there."

Me: "Um, well, it costs plenty in England. Also there's the exchange rate and all."

Mom: "Well, in Germany, in 1987, you could get your hair done for cheap."

Me: ". . . kay . . . Anyway, maybe I should just get a cut and forget the highlights. Would my hair look terrible if I just skipped it?"

Mom: "In Germany I could get a cut and a perm for about 35 marks."

Savvymom: "Ewww, why would you get a perm?"

Me: "Thanks for you help."

I finally got her to believe that Europe's economy may have bounced back a bit since the Cold War, and that England was probably never cheap to begin with. I did end up spending all my moneys on a cut and highlights, and it does look pretty darn cute.


Savvymom said... [reply]

For the record, I did give her hair advice. I said to get it highlighted professionally if she was going to get it done. She was thinking about doing it herself.

Miss Hass said... [reply]

Nem, don't you recall the highlighting disasters in 306? Principally, MY highlighting disaster? Which entailed a 9:30 pm on a SUNDAY trip to Target it was so bad? Just recall the bright orange stripes on my lovely brown hair anytime you start thinking you're going to do the home highlighting route. Just remember.

Stupidramblings said... [reply]

Just go jet black. Then powder your face white and wear black lipstick. I find it adds a toughness when you do that...

kristen said... [reply]

Yeah, that's why I don't spend too much $ on my hair. It's too dang expensive. Hence my hair is crap. (the cut is not so bad, but the color........)

Also, I perm my hair straight, so adding permanent hair color would be tricky (I wish I could)

Sometimes I wish I could just shave it all off. Do you know how much time that would save me?

I guess I'd rather spend $ on things like clothes, my car, eating out, etc.

(I do like the jet black idea and the powdered make-up--that'd be a new look for you!)

chosha said... [reply]

$60. Hmm, that's about AUD$75 for a cut and colour. Pricey, but not over-frivalous.

I know it seems like 'just hair' but come on...don't we all feel good when our hair looks awesome? It's it the most frustrating thing ever to look in the mirror and know that your hair is j.u.s.t. .n.o.t. .w.o.r.k.i.n.g? It affects your whole look and changes the shape of your face depending on what you do with it. I have also at times felt like I was throwing money away at the hairdresser, but really, on reflection, hair is totally worth getting right. I say just enjoy it.

daltongirl said... [reply]

It looks great, btw. I was sort of thinking, what is she talking about? Her hair looks great the way it is. I didn't realize you had already had it done, and then I felt stupid when I read this later. So yeah. You're brilliant, darling.

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

I agree that hair is so totatlly worth the money. It helps with your image. And if there's something I've been seeing the benefits of having recently, it's of presenting yourself the best you can.

April said... [reply]

Dusty bat poop? You are quite creative.

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