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Almost there . . . almost there . . .

The Star Wars quote is in honor of my dad, and also in honor of Denis Lawson, who played Wedge Antilles in the Star Wars trilogy but has lately been showing up in some of the British stuff I've been watching lately, including a television show that they showed on the airplane just now. They said it was a comedy but it wasn't that funny to me. Only maybe that's because I'd just watched Everybody Loves Raymond and almost choked from trying not to wake up the girl napping next to me with my chortling.

This morning dear sweet WR got up at 4:30am to drive me to Gatwick, because he is a Good, Good Man. (His flatmate also wins the Good Good Man award for coming with us to keep WR awake on the 3-hour drive back.) Also, how pathetic am I that I'm only going to be gone for a week, but I started missing WR the second he hugged me goodbye. Also he paid to park and came inside and bought me breakfast at McDonalds. Sniff. Sniff.

I'm in the Las Vegas airport right now, waiting for my Delta connection to SLC. To my left is the Strip, and to my right is the moving walkway, which keeps playing celebrity and faked-celebrity voices telling people to stand to the right of the moving walkway so that the people on the left who want to be gambling right this second can get to it. They even have slot machines in that livestock pen airports build for smokers. The Las Vegas airport is kind of my new best friend, though, because I stood outside waiting for a bus to the terminal and it was sunny and 65 degrees. Mmmmm. Also they have free wireless. And drinking fountains and really big nice bathrooms where I can brush my teeth and stores containing things which cost dollars instead of pounds, so I can buy twice as much of them. So yeah, we're friends.

Only I'm not so sure if Virgin Atlantic and I are friends. Or at least I'm not friends with their representatives in the airport. They kept not doing what I wanted, like when they said I couldn't carry my carry-on bag on the airplane because it weighs more than 6, even though I used the same sassy cherry-colored bag on a Virgin flight back in September. They also wouldn't check said bag all the way through to SLC, (grrr) and they tried to say that Delta and Virgin Atlantic aren't Skymiles partners, but I wasn't having any of that, because they so are. So yeah, moral of the story: start your trip with Delta, so then Virgin just has to shut their faces and deal with it. Plus it wasn't nice of them to start telling me No first thing in the morning and throwing off my groove. I have a long day ahead of me, people--could you try not shafting it right off the bat??

Once I got on the plane Virgin started redeeming itself, which means that they kept me fed and watered. I can get behind that. Every time I looked up they were coming around with water or orange juice or ice cream bars or these tiny little panini guys. The dessert with the dinner was this profiterole thing w/chocolate sauce and I really wanted to start cruising the aisles to see if there were people who didn't want theirs, cuz dang that was good. Also they showed lots of lots of movies and TV shows, but the station that would have been showing the new Pride & Prejudice was out of service. Of course. I did watch the new Wallace & Grommit movie and some good TV shows and stuff.

Almost there . . . almost there . . .


The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

I'm first to comment! Wahoo!

Well m'dear, so glad you're back in the states and that it seems to be treating you well. Sorry that things started off rocky with Virgin, but hey, dessert makes everything better, right?

Have fun in Utah. Too bad I'm not over there to see you, but know I'm wishing you well.

TannerJ5 said... [reply]

why are you coming back to utah? are you done?Also, on the throwing of the groove thing maybe you should have them thrown out the window like on emperors new groove. also , we do have the new pride and prejudice,if you want it.

Kiki said... [reply]

The thing I hate about the Vegas airport is all of the slot machines constantly whirring and beeping and blanging! It's enough to drive a poor girl insane. Welcome back to the states. I'm glad you made it without making appearances on all of the 24-hour news stations.

Stupidramblings said... [reply]

And don't forget to buy loads n loads of peanut butter to take back. I'm 100% positive you won't come visit us in the office, because I'll be out. Let us know how the trip goes...

Anarchy said... [reply]

The funny thing is that wallace and gromit didn't even come to our theater.

Th. said... [reply]


I've heard that LV's airport's slots pay back more than 100% to make you feel lucky and head to town.

Was that your experience?

April said... [reply]

The Vegas airport is definitely nice. I'm very thankful for the moving sidewalks there. Makes me feel like I'm on "The Jetsons."

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