Might as well become a criminal

I decided that in this time of change, I should do something crazy. And since drinking, drugs, smoking, cussing, exercising, and having the sex are out, I had to find something a bit more low-key. So I have embraced the criminal activity of P2P file-sharing.

I know! Are you shocked?

It was actually my Legal & Professional Issues class here which made me question whether or not I should be worrying about copyright infringement all the time. And yes, I realize how twisted that is. I'm sure by the time I've finished writing a dissertation all about Open Access, and about how people should just stop being so darn stingy with their stuff, I probably won't have any principles left. I'll have a pirate name and everything! Aaaaarrrrr!

(This doesn't mean, though, that I'll be okay with people using my stuff in nefarious ways. If anyone tries to pass my stuff off as theirs, I'll mess them up with my pirate weaponry.)

I decided to download the sountrack from The Last of the Mohicans. And no, I'm not a geek, so shut up. I wanted to hear something inspirational, okay? Also Daniel Day-Lewis + Hair Extensions + Buckskin = Hot. Only when I did the search in LimeWire, I found out that the P2P world is a mess, people. I found the exact same track listed under the following names:

Enya - Last of the Mohicans - Promentory
last of mohicans--yanni
James Horner - Last of the Mohicans theme
John Williams - last of the mohicans theme
Last of the Mohicans (Riverdance) theme
Clannad--last of mohicans--proment
Last of the Mohicans (irish fiddle) yanni
(and lots of variants of the above)

The track I was looking for was "Promentory" from the soundtrack by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman. How in the world is anyone meant to slog through all that junk? And who is doing the labeling on these things? Are they just picking names out of thin air or something? I'm telling you. Those people need a librarian, because that is just shameful. No wonder people are willing to just buy the stuff off I-Tunes where at least they'll get the right thing. I downloaded an entire track which turned out to be something from Braveheart, which, you know, is actually a completely different film altogether and contains bagpipes. So not only do they need a librarian, but they possibly also need an additional system for ensuring that uploaded files are labeled correctly--like possibly a hand with a gun that comes out of the screen and shoots offenders in the face.

So then I gave BitTorrent a go, and 14 hours later I had my soundtrack. Only then I had to email WR to find out how to open APE files because they wouldn't open, and he kindly obliged by providing a link to this extra software I had to download, which did work.

But seriously, this? This didn't feel like cheating The Man. This felt like work, people. And I just don't know if I'm cut out for the criminal life anymore.


Stupidramblings said... [reply]

Hi Nem, this is your red-headed, step-acquaintance, stupidramblings.

Piracy will never be FUN for you until you use a knife to slide down the sail of a colonial warship. Don't forget to buckle some swashes too...

Anonymous said... [reply]

It sounds much easier to just go to the local store and purchase the CD. It's legal, much quicker, and a lot less frustrating. Plus you don't have to worry about becoming a frustrated computer geek on top of being a frustrated librarian.

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

Only us broke people can't afford the CD! And supposedly the whole Bit Torrent thing isn't stealing. Don't ask me why not. But I think you should email them and tell them you're for hire. That'd be awesome.

Cicada said... [reply]

You know, one of the best mission experiences I had came from following Last of the Mohicans music. When you can't hear the Spirit, Last of the Mohicans will do the trick.

Also, there's no bag pipes in Last of the Mohicans? All this time I thought they were a Native American tribal instrument.

Horatio Hornblower said... [reply]

I have a definite weakness for pirates. Truly, I do. There's nothing that to me is as hot as an eye patch. I will love you forever and ever, my pirate princess.

edgy killer bunny said... [reply]

Because sometimes I like to help with nefarious activities, should you need a pirate name, go here. You could even go here to learn all about the International Talk Like a Pirate Day in September.

Kelly said... [reply]

"Last of the Mohicans (Riverdance) theme"

I think that's my favorite title.

Not only does DDL look great, but the guy playing his Mohican brother - mm mm mm. Yummy with a spoon!

Mary said... [reply]

Nemesis: word. double word. it's as if my heart finally found its song.

Stupidramblings said... [reply]

Next they'll throw you in prison and force you to wear horizontal stripes...

Julie said... [reply]

Its ok, they don't hold foreign people in prison for long here. Generally the worse the crime the quicker you are released back into the community.

Anonymous said... [reply]

To think UK copyright law is more confusing than American copyright law. All I can say is you get what you pay for with organization.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Stupid--right you are. Only I'm a bit skeered of heights, so not sure how that's gonna work.

Anonymous--you may have a point there.

MF--I think the way it works is that the P2P site that holds the torrent files (which are just tiny bits of info) aren't doing anything illegal, but the people who download the full copies of stuff are.

Cool, Cicada! Now I can just quit with the bothersome praying and just listen to illegally-procured music when I need guidance and direction! Sweet.

Aw, HH, you're such a cutie. Do bring that eyepatch when you come over tonight, dearest . . .

EKB, I tried the link and my pirate name was something like Red Ethel Cash, which made me think of Walk the Line. I'm going to do it again and try for a better one!

MMMM-hmmm, Kelly. Also he just breaks your heart when "you know what" happens.

Mary, you crack me up! I hope your heart with go on and on as well.

Aw man, stupid. That's no good. Then I'll look short AND fat. Rubbish prison gear . . .

Ah, true point there, Julie. Wasn't there that thing on the news a few weeks ago where all these rapists and murderers just disappeared from the prison system?

Anonymous, you are true there. And I, for one, need me some organization. Sigh . . .

daltongirl said... [reply]

I remember when that movie came out. A friend said to me, "Daniel Day Lewis is NOT ugly." and that was her review. I went to see it. She was right.

The Walrus said... [reply]

OR......you could find someone who has it, and copy it from the CD- same thing, except no-one whinges about it being theft.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Wow, DG. Your friend could make a career out of such reviews.

Hee. I think "whinging" is a funny word. Thanks for using it, Walrus!

chosha said... [reply]

bT is good. I use it mostly to watch Japanese TV dramas now that I no longer live there. But for music I highly recommend Soulseek, which in fact rocks.

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