Before my eyes swell shut

Sorry this isn't going to be anything special, as I've already overslept this morning, have sneezed 19 times in 90 seconds, and am meant to be doing dissertation research.

This very cool guy has just agreed to let me interview him but it will have to be next week in London, and I don't have good questions to ask him yet! But yay for a day in London! If any of you are science-fiction fans, you may like to know that he puts copies of his books on his website for free downloading. (He also sells them in actual bookstores for those who prefer to buy them.)

Went Cerocing a few nights ago and realized I'd forgotten to tell you about The Old Men. Most of them are all very nice and lovely and grandfatherly. Almost all of them are quirky in some way, though. One thin older gentleman always wears a Hawaiian shirt, baggy shorts, black dress socks, and black "spat"-style dancing shoes. Also he dances too close.

Another guy was about 4'10 with very tan skin and twinkly eyes which give the impression that he's either a leprechaun or an extra from Horatio Hornblower. As it started getting hotter in the dance hall, he began unbuttoning his shirt, and by the end of the evening it was open to his belt. I feel myself fortunate to have danced with him at the beginning rather than the end.

And now must get back to work and possibly steal some antihistamines from somewhere.


Saxon said... [reply]

ceroc? I've been spelling it surok. why does no one tell me this things?

Nemesis said... [reply]

Because it's funnier when you tell the Internet that you've been spelling it wrong, Sax! ;-)

Saxon said... [reply]

*is unable to make smart comeback as he is too busy removing his feet from his mouth*

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