I'm not dead!

I'm just dropping a line to let the Internet know that I'm here and I'm alive.

Things that are making the dissertation work easier:

Broadway Radio, baby. I found this yesterday and now my life is lots brighter. Turns out I need to be listening to something if I'm going to sit for 10 hours in a computer lab without killing myself and everyone around me. There were a few songs yesterday that kind of had me doing little twitchy dances in my chair.

Babybel cheese and Cadbury Brunch Bars. Also apples and plums, when I remember to ward off the scurvy. I'm taking my multivitamin though, Mom!

And, um, that's it.

Things that are making the dissertation work harder:

Absolutely. Every. Thing.

This especially means you, computer. Yes, I'm talking to you. And don't you give me that look. I know where a window is. And a canal. And a lorry.

Update on my Internet Love Life:

For anyone who wondered (all 4 of you) how the LinkUp chat date went, it went fine. He was very funny and charming and we IMd for nearly 2 hours. Of course, he turned out to be quite possibly on the rebound, since he split from his girlfriend 3 weeks ago. Also, I know her. Which is fun.

I dated a rebounder once, and I never want to go down that road again. Boys on the rebound, in my mind, are pretty much worthless bundles of hormones and stupid choices. They deserve to be locked up for at least three months after a breakup so that they can't inflict themselves on innocent parties.

And now back to work!

ps. Okay, this Broadway radio thing is a hazard. "Big Spender" is on, and pretty much every muscle in my body is tense because I want to leap out of my seat and get slinky in the computer lab whether or not it freaks out all the Chinese students around me. These hips gotta move. And they kind of are, in my seat, even though I hope no one notices.

Earlier I heard Brian Stokes Mitchell sing "The Impossible Dream" and darn near passed out in my chair. Could. not. breathe. My sister Jenny knows what I'm talking about.


chosha said... [reply]

Nice to see you surfacing for air. Don't forget to back up your work! I lost the second chapter of my honours thesis to a computer lab demon computer and had to rewrite it from my notes...not good. Not good at all.

Good luck with it all! Hope you've gotten in sufficient stores of yummy study foods. I mean I'm sure the multivitamin is great and all, but you have to also feed the heart.

noelle feather said... [reply]

Thank you for that link! Thank you, thank you, a hundred times over!

Cicada said... [reply]

I advertised myself as a rebounder yesterday... that's not too terrible, is it? Basically, I wanted to let the guy know that I was up for some good non-commital action. Nothing wrong with that, right?

(Okay, so I was joking and we both knew it.)

Nemesis said... [reply]

You've just reminded me to go to the grocery store, Chosha! My heart and tummy thank you.

I KNOW, Noelle! Isn't it great? I love that one of the little commercials says "So what if your friends make fun of you for loving Broadway musicals?"

Cic, it's totally different when a girl rebounds. Probably.

JB said... [reply]

It's probably better the mystery man didn't work out. It'd be WAY too easy to procrastinate with that kind of thing going on. I should know, I'm the queen of procrastinating...

I agree with Chosha that backing stuff up is a really good idea. However, I'd recommend NOT backing it up on your hard drive. Use a flash drive or something.

And, if you want, you can get an Ubuntu live cd (if you want help with that, just email me, I used to work in tech. support. I'm not awesome, but I could probably walk you through it). It'll boot from disk, so it'll be slower, but it'll probably have fewer problems than you're having now (if, as I've assumed, you're using Windows). But then, you'll have to use Open Office instead of Microsoft Office. It's not a whole lot different, but if there are specific things you need to do in Windows, it may be a pain because of the learning curve... like I said, if you want help, let me know. Then, I can just shut up about it for now and not leave tooo long of a long comment...

JB said... [reply]

(When I said it'd be slower I mean slower than if you just used Ubuntu instead of Windows or if you had a computer geek friend help you partition a place for Ubuntu. Not necessarily slower than it is going right now.)

Another (quicker) suggestion is to download Ad-aware from lavasoft and scan for spyware. You may be surprised how much stuff you come up with. It'll slow your computer down a TON.

Okay I'm really done now... I promise.

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

I love that man. He has a spectacular voice. Even Savannah knows it.

Anonymous said... [reply]

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