Job update

Will die alone. Alone and unemployed. Will have to get a job at Borders or Barnes & Noble where I can wander around and pretend I'm in a library. Will have to imagine that there are fewer people browsing the shelves, though, to make it convincing. And I'll have to pretend that one or two of them are completely crazy.

I heard back from two of the libraries I applied to. The SLC library sent a letter to Lady J saying that they would not be interviewing me at this time or ever. The Springville library (I interviewed with them on Friday) sent a very nice email but said no thank you. The third library didn't contact me but I can see from the county's website that they're conducting interviews now.

So. There you have it. Looks like I'll be in AK for a bit longer. I might as well start going to the singles ward here. And dressing head to toe in fleece. And shooting animals, which I will then cut up with knives and my teeth and carry the pieces home strapped to my back. My mom really wants me to go to Institute and take the Eternal Marriage class. She says it's because the teacher is so good, but I know what she's playing at. Also she wants me to meet this guy out here who drives a Hummer. And a Harley Davidson. And a something else. Cuz, you know, I'm all about those.

If I can get up the strength I may go down to the local library branch and ask if I can volunteer there. I'm betting it's the lack of library experience that's biting me in the butt. The library here is so nasty, though. My family says I'd better be sure to wash my hands before and after. And hey, even if they say no, they can't stop me from being there. And putting books in the right place if I see them in the wrong place. And asking people if they need help. And making book recommendations. For like 20 hours a week. And then I can put all those things on my resume.



noelle feather said... [reply]

You GO girl. You can do it. You WILL find the BEST library ever--where you will make a difference!

That's really what it's about right? These bloody pieces of papers (diplomas) better start making a difference--soon, right?

Desmama said... [reply]

Bah! I'm still rooting for you and looking at the employment board when I occasion into the library down here. I know it sounds completely lame, but hang in there.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Let's hope, Noelle! And thanks for the encouragement.

Desmama, thank you. You're right, I shouldn't get too doom 'n gloom just yet. And I'm lucky in that I do have a (cold) rent-free place to live while I'm looking.

Kelly said... [reply]

Stupidheads, all of them!

Chin up, it's just the first round. The right thing will come along. And do not, repeat, do NOT go out with the Hummer guy no matter how cold it gets up there. 4 blankets rather than cuddling with Hummer Boy.

Scully said... [reply]

Hummers are of the devil. It is really more efficient just to set the 35 gallons of gas on fire and get it directly into the atmosphere than to drive the five miles in the Hummer.

I so hear you on the unemployment thing. I got a curt, polite email from the Church Humanitarian Dept. telling me I wasn't qualified to be a Staff Assistant. Which means I will be working at Borders or B&N living on Top Raman so I can pay rent. Good times.

Squirrel Boy said... [reply]

I just recently received a rejection letter from a company I'd never even heard of. They didn't even say what job it was that they weren't hiring me for, which is probably just as well since I never applied to it in the first place. Maybe I should call them up and ask them what they were smoking.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Oh my gosh, SB. THAT is going to be my new hobby--mailing generic rejection letters to people. It's going to be so cool!

Kelly, thank you. When I'm reminding myself to have grace and Inner Poise during the job search, I think of you!!

Scully, you made me hyperventilate just now. Also, word. His third vehicle is probably a carriage pulled by starving half-dressed children.

ds said... [reply]

Welcome back to the states! Sad Springville's library passed on you. But maybe it was the fates watching over you. Springville's library is so small that the area behind the checkout desk is clearly used for lunching as well as all officy-library type activities. I'm sure there must be a library out there with a decent lunchroom that doesn't share space with the sorting table? Good luck on the hunt, and keep us posted.

Stupidramblings said... [reply]

If you get totally, totally desparate, I know a person who does seasonal work in the local community college bookstore. I know it's a step down from Barnes & Noble and it's only seasonal, so they'll only need you in Dec and Jan, but it's a start.

Seriously, I hope you find something soon. OR I hope you get plenty of time to enjoy the fam fam. Either way, you'll be happy (er).

blackjazz said... [reply]

Thank you daltongirl and skully for confirming my views on pumpkin pie. Skully also has the right idea about global warning. Don't forget what Lady J told us about the Siberian permafrost!

Bad news about the job interview. Don't forget that you only need one job. Keep trying. I'm expecting a post any day to say that you have the job you've been dreaming of. All that work on the dewey-decimal system has to be worth something :-)

Abby said... [reply]

My sister always said each rejection gets you closer to a sale. She sold cars but it's the right attitude when going for job interviews. If you have a college library near by look for a paraprofessional posistion. It's a start. You may also ask Springville why they rejected you so you know what experience you may need to gather. Another thing is look in a bigger library market like Washington DC, NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, and LA. I couldn't find a job for 2 years after library school. It wasn't until I went to a larger market that I found one. It's just a thought. To take the eternal view, maybe Utah isn't the place for you after all. Cheer up sometimes things look bad but eventually get better.

metamorphose said... [reply]

All libraries are dirty. Books get so gross. You're going to have to wash your hands no matter where you are.

Saxon said... [reply]

wow and I thought I had the monopoly on being the most pessimistic YSA ever:-)

But don't worry, I just know the perfect job is out there somewhere, just waiting for you :-)

Cicely said... [reply]

Have you tried the LAPL? Here's a link to the application: https://personline.lacity.org/job_list/index.cfm?FuseAction=Showspec&CC=6152

If you do get a job out here I can totally help you out with finding a place to live and a great YSA ward to attend. And if you need a place to stay when you come out for an interview you can crash in our guest bedroom.

Seriously, I strongly recommend LA over UT. Even though the cost of living is higher it's worth it just to get to hang with the cool people. And there's SO MUCH to do out here, I promise you'll never get bored!

Cicely said... [reply]

One more comment -

Here's a link to Library jobs in Orange County: http://agency.governmentjobs.com/oc/default.cfm?

And Santa Monica: http://agency.governmentjobs.com/santamonica/default.cfm?

And here's a bunch of positions in SoCal colleges: http://www.socalherc.org/ikorb.php?func=joblisting&action=search&job_category=academic&search=library

Cicely said... [reply]

Okay, last one I PROMISE!

Two positions in Redondo Beach (beautiful place to live!): http://www.redondo.org/depts/hr/joblayout1.asp?JobID=16

And a few in Palos Verdes: http://www.palos-verdes.lib.ca.us/about/hrjob.htm

And here's some kind of weird job database that lists jobs in all areas: http://listserv.arizona.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A1=ind0609&L=jobops&T=0

And a few more recent postings in the LA area: http://www.mcls.org/webpublic/jobs/index.cfm

Okay, I'll leave you alone now.

Kelly said... [reply]

Nem, I think Jason would be laughing his butt off if he read all that "grace and inner poise" nonsense with relation to me. I put on a good outer show. Honestly, though, after this year, I feel a little more zen about it all and do not freak out ALL of the time anymore. Only some of the time.

I know! You should look for library jobs in Boston!

Abby said... [reply]

Library temp-ing is a way to get your foot in the door. I have found agencies in NY, LA and DC who offer those services. I got my job through a temp job. I would check out the places Cecily mentioned. They are always looking for public librarians down there. Another place to check is some of the sites listed here http://www.lisjobs.com/states.htm
Also try for that crappy public library volunteer job at least it's something. They may find they need your talent. Also, a lot of librarians moonlight at Borders so it's not that bad of a place to go. You're still pimping books however you're asking for a credit card instead of a library card at check out.

FoxyJ said... [reply]

Good luck with the job search. It can be hard to break into the library scene without experience, but you'll get something. Have you checked the ALA's wewbsite? Master Fob and I are still looking for jobs here and it sucks!

noelle feather said... [reply]

Santa Monica is VERY cool---and so is Palos Verdes. I can also give you some LDS YSA info. if you get down to the LA/Santa Monica info.

PLUS, if you go to Santa Monica--you will be RIGHT AT THE TEMPLE! :)

That's ALWAYS a plus for me! :)

cool word verification: fiver job

noelle feather said... [reply]

Maybe that means you must apply for AT LEAST five jobs?

hahaha, just kidding. Feeble attempt at lame-o joke.

Cicada said... [reply]

Isn't the man-to-woman ratio in AK in your favor anyway? Maybe you should be staying there for a while, even though it pains me to say it.

I'll keep looking for you down here.

Scully said... [reply]

This has nothing to do with anything, but I just saw an ad for Burberry for Men and Ioan Gruffudd is the face of the fragrance. Anyway, the man is looking good. So if you are in B&N or Borders and need something happy, check out the recent Vanity Fair w/ the Cruise family on the front. Oh and check out the Office tonight - it is new!

Chantel said... [reply]

You just got out of school, Nemesis, don't give up yet! Personally, I'd do a bit of work at your library in AK first. Clean the place up a bit! Perhaps there's a bookstore near you that you might get a job at temporarily. It's not a library, but it is related. Cousins, you know.

TannerJ5 said... [reply]

This is the mother of Tanner. Having been entertained for some time now by the read-aloud of your blogs, it has come to my attention that you have honed your comic skills to the point that they are now marketable. Write a book. M.O.T.

TannerJ5 said... [reply]

Miss nem,
This is tanner.I agree with M.O.T. You have the ability to make normally normal things hilariously funny.The thing is, most people here actually do carry parts of animals on their backs out of the mountains, but you have made it even funnier.you could be the next Eric D.Snider/Dave Barry, only cleaner, and funnier.Write a series, and mention me in them(not a demand, a proposal)

daltongirl said... [reply]

Yes! YES!!! The Tannerj5s are right! It could be just like "You've Got Mail," when Kathleen discovers a new path. The path of writing brilliantly and making money at it. Except for the part where you don't live in a supercool apartment in Manhattan, and you're not carrying on an email relationship with a hot, sweet, right-thinking, rich guy (let us not rule out Hummerman just yet). But you love Pride and Prejudice, so that's got to count for something! If you do it, I will send you a bouquet of sharpened pencils.

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