Mmmm . . . donuts . . .

Mom made the donuts last night and they were fabulous. I ate about 14 of them and only stopped when I began to feel shooting pains in my left arm. I was on trick-or-treat duty and I even gave candy to the big kids despite the ice-water running through my veins. There were some really cute li'l kids, including one little boy dressed as a duck. He was new to trick-or-treating and kept trying to come into the house, thinking that was how the whole doorbell-door-open thing works.

Here's a pic of me and Mom in our Halloween finery.

And here is my Winter Wonderland and the reason why I have Christmas carols running through my head 78% of the time. (The other 22% consists of lustful thoughts, swear words, and plans for global domination.)


blackjazz said... [reply]

I'm almost (but not quite) persuaded to visit Alaska to see the beautiful scenery for myself.

TannerJ5 said... [reply]

SWEET!! I'm early!! awesome!!! anyways, if your looking for a glaze for doughnuts, go to foodnetwork.com and search for Alton Brown Doughnuts.we made them a couple of days ago, and they were really, really, addictive good.Why was there a shooting pain in your arm??Drugs...???

kristen said... [reply]

Those donuts look yummy!!

I can't believe how much snow you guys have already.

So, 22% lustful thoughts, huh?

Anonymous said... [reply]

Hmm, I miss Alaska.

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

Ooo! Jealousy. The donuts look amazing as does the landscape.

I agree with blackjazz. Alaska truly might be worth visiting. I can no longer blame you for the Christmas carols.

Lady Steed said... [reply]

OH MY GOSH! Those donuts look so highly desirable. I am salivating right now...mmmmm....

I have been craving donuts ever since I watched Alton Brown make some on a recent episode, and then when they had KrispyKremes at the Ward Halloween party but I couldn't eat any because I knew they would make me puke. Sigh. How can I crave something even when I know it will just make me sick?

Panini said... [reply]

Oh my gosh! GORGEOUS!! And I can't believe you guys made those very professional looking donuts! yummmmm!

Kelly said... [reply]

Donuts look yummy!

You and your mom are cute!

And Alaska is beautiful!

TheMoncurs said... [reply]

Wow, those pictures are GORGEOUS! Man I wish Arizona got snow. Also, I'm really impressed by your doughnut making skills!

Eva said... [reply]

hmm... yes... it was seventy degrees here in good old Texas yesterday... *sigh*

Miss Hass said... [reply]

So gorgeous!

Haidong said... [reply]

Beautiful and Sweet!

... just dropped by ... such a nice space here :)

JB said... [reply]

What gorgeous landscapes! Btw, I saw the picture before I read what it said above and I thought your mom was our age. Seriously. She looks SO YOUNG!!

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