Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights

Didn't have to do any of the Thanksgiving cooking

Cheeseball was a rousing success among the discerning, even if b-in-law said it looked white trash

4 slices of pumpkin pie

Slept in rather than waiting in line overnight at Best Buy with the crazy people

Under-inflated tires mercifully did not explode during the 4 hours of driving time

Asked the doctor about my dodgy mole--turns out it's a wart

Yay for having warts rather than cancer!

Went on pretty much the best blind date I've ever had

And now I'm driving to L**** on Wednesday for my job interview but they're predicting this huge snowstorm for Monday - Wednesday. So let's hope I don't get caught in the mercy of both the elements and the Utah drivers who respect neither the elements or my desire to keep living. And yes, I am now one who firmly hates the reckless Utah drivers with a white-hot fiery passion that causes my head to spin completely around while lightening shoots out my eyes and fingernails.

I can't even talk about it without getting all frothy at the mouth.


Th. said... [reply]


My first week in Utah, January 1999, I saw four accidents on the ice committed by lunatics.

lilcis said... [reply]

I was one of the crazy people at Best Buy in Orem on Friday, but we slept in just a bit and didn't get there until 6:30am. We got pretty much everything we wanted, though we got lucky on the external hard drive as the shelves were empty but we asked one of the workers about it and he found one that somebody had just brought back. Lucky, crazy us.

Jessie said... [reply]

I think that's probably the storm we are currently experiencing in Seattle. Oh, and I used to think that Utah drivers were bad until I moved here. At least the roads in Utah are more or less coherent. Seattle combines insane driving with poorly marked roads and things like one-way streets. There are lots of places around here where two lanes suddenly become one with no warning. Fun for everyone!

kristen said... [reply]

I want to hear about your hot date.

Scully said... [reply]

My mother laughs at me when she drives with me in Utah, because my normally calm self turns into the She-Hulk and I scream and curse at all the drivers. But the worst drivers in the snow storms are the ones who think snow tires = invincibility and the smaller cargo trucks (the semis aren't so bad) like the beer deliverers who think that their size makes them immune to ice. Right. And I second the request to hear about the best blind date ever!

Desmama said... [reply]

In spite of the looming snowstorm, I am thrilled to see you on Wednesday. And hear about this Best Blind Date Ever. And I will PM you.

Jimmy said... [reply]

I know about the frothing...NJ drivers can make a nun swear. I never saw so many idiots in 1 square mile until I drove here.

Maybe we can switch drivers for a week?

Anonymous said... [reply]

If you don't like the way we drive, then move away!!!

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

I wish you wouldn't be so proud of being a danger to the road, Anonymous. I drive with my two small children in my car and I shouldn't have to move because you are endangering our lives by your carelessness.

Nemesis said... [reply]

I believe it, Theric. I'd rather drive in Alaska where people give you room in icy/snowy conditions.

Lilcis, I'm glad you got what you were looking for! My poor friends came home nearly empty-handed.

Jessie, that does not sound fun. I hate the one-way streets. I do like Seattle, though.

You'll have to email me, Kristen. Or call. I could write a little Cliff's notes version, I suppose.

Word, Scully.

Desmama, can't wait to see you either!

Thanks for empathizing, Jimmy. I realize there are idiots everywhere, but I really saw the difference when I got here.

Anon, I have nothing to say in the face of such logic.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Don't generalize all Utah drivers as bad. We are not all crazy.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Anonymous, I apologize if I gave that impression. I used the phrase "reckless Utah drivers" because they are the ones I have problems with. I didn't mean to indicate that every single Utah driver is reckless, because of course that's not the case.

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