Happy Birthday to Cicada!

It's Cicada's birthday today. I won't tell you how old she's turning, but I will tell you what my present to her is: I'm going get some of her eggs frozen. Shhh! Don't tell her! Now that I have a job, I can do things like that. I hope she likes it.

I would like to tell a great story about Cicada on this, the day of her birth, but there are just too many.

There was the road trip we took to California to hang out with Amyjane where we almost ran out of gas in the middle of the Mojave desert. That was not good.

Then there was the road trip we took to the Utah Shakespearean Festival. That was good, and we didn't run out of gas at all.

Also there was the time where she edited my dissertation, which I hold directly responsible for its kicking trash.

There was the time where she wore the really great outfit with the fabulous bag and kicky shoes. To be honest, though, that happens a lot.

Also there was the time when I had to send her home from work because her skirt was too short. Even though it wasn't. But the person who told me to send her home was kind of a rabid crazy pants and wouldn't listen when I tried to say that there was nothing wrong with her skirt. It's just no good trying to tell insane people that they are, in fact, insane. Because they never listen and then they decide that you're out to get them and they run you over with their car and then you're dead and can't stick up for your employees at all. So I think I told her to go home & change but not to clock out. At least I hope that's what I said. Cicada?

Anyway, happy birthday and best fertility wishes.


The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

Happy birthday Cicada!

Cicada said... [reply]

Oooo! Frozen eggs! What's cheaper? Freezing my eggs or finding a husband to fertilize my unfrozen eggs within the next year?

Also, you did allow me to go home on the clock, and when I came back, I wore a long skirt with a pair of pants underneath, just to stick it to the man.

Yay! Happy birthday to me!

DP said... [reply]

As long as they weren't jeans. You could wear warmups, but not jeans.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Because warmups are more professional than jeans. And white socks with red hearts on them worn with black slip-on sandals are more professional than sockless feet in black slip-on sandals.

Squirrel Boy said... [reply]

I love how you described him as "kind of a rabid crazy pants." Not that I disagree in the slightest, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone say it outright.

(Um, yeah. Sorry about that.)

Happy birthday, Cicada!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Thanks, Squirrel Boy! Now we're both covered. :-) I did love your comment, though!

Kristeee said... [reply]

I'm glad I only worked there for a semester. I'm currently wearing jeans and my office slippers. And I manage just fine.

Happy Birthday, Cicada!

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