Happy Boxing Day

Here's a quick update before I go lie down and moan weakly.

Christmas Highlights:

Felt lots better on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Watched Savvy & Baby Ethan get all excited about their presents
Wonderful food, including macadamia nut pancakes Christmas morning, with strawberries and whipped cream
Beautiful sunny day
Everyone got along, mostly
Talked to coolboy on the phone (missionaries only call home twice a year). He sounds good, but worried us when he said he'd been living on potato chips and soda.
Drove around to look at Christmas lights
Everyone liked their Christmas presents
I especially liked my Christmas presents, because they were great. Will blog about them later.

Christmas Lowlights:

I don't feel better anymore
We missed coolboy and Uncle Dave
Air mattresses are COLD, y'all. Do not ask me why this is, but it's true.
Savvy got a red strawberry shortcake recorder in her stocking. It was very cute at first, but now I kind of want to throw it off a cliff. That thing is loud. And possibly evil.


Kelly said... [reply]

After spending quality time with other people's kids, I've decided that my children will play with quiet blocks and Nerf products.

After sleeping on an air mattress for a whole summer I figured out that the reason they're so, so very, very cold is because the cool air gets under you in that empty air-filled cavity. Kind of like how bridges freeze before the rest of the road. If I sleep on one now, I usually have at least 2 blankets under me, on top of the mattress to block the coldness.

kristen said... [reply]

Well, at least the highlights outweighed the lowlights, right?

My brother says he'd rather have some noisy toys than loud children; his boys tend to be quieter when they are playing with something that makes sounds.

blackjazz said... [reply]

I think Kelly's right about air beds. The air in them is trapped, but there's nothing to stop it from getting cold. Any heat you pass to it from your body when you lie on it is going to dissipate very quickly. Putting blankets on it is a good idea, but something thicker would be even better - like a quilt. (The sort of quilt people use in the UK.) Also, if you had something big enough to put on top of you and wrap round the sides and bottom of the air bed, that might be an interesting experiment :-)

Jimmy said... [reply]

Oh man, the dreaded "RECORDER"- pure evil, and even more so because they disguise it in pretty Strawberry Shortcake designs!

Hope you feel better. Let's get Coolboy some rations over there!


April said... [reply]

Jersey has a recorder, too. We're usually able to hide it under a ton of other toys she rarely plays with. :)

Hope you feel better soon!

chosha said... [reply]

Ahhh, the recorder. In my first year of high school every student learned the recorder. I do not understand how music teachers listen to a whole class playing those and stay sane. Even when you're good at it, it sounds unbearably squeaky. I used to imagine them running off afterwards to soothe themselves with a nice low cello or something.

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