It's nadda tumah

Here are a few great things about being One Who Works Out:

1. I get to toss casual references to fitness into my daily conversations. "Why yes, when I was at yoga this morning . . . " or "You know, the other day when I was at the gym . . . " I couldn't do that before.

2. I felt a lump on my leg and for a minute thought I was dying. "Oh my gosh that wasn't there before and now I'm going to die without ever finding true love!!!" Then realized it was muscle.

Here is a less great thing:

1. The checkout guy at the gym gave me a key for a man's locker. This is about my shoulders, ISN'T IT! Was tempted to march back out there in a sports bra and say, "Hey buddy, they may not be large but they ARE the girl kind, thank you very much." Only I didn't, because I'm a lady. And a chicken.


Jér said... [reply]

I laughed muchly at this post.

Tusk said... [reply]

me too! the opposite happened to me- this person came up to me and said they thought I dropped my locker key- a women's locker one. >_<

kristen said... [reply]

Yeah, we all know the real reason for your work-outs: the casual conversation starter. It's all part of a scheme to increase your chances of meeting an eternal mate. :)

The McCulloch Family said... [reply]

I found leg muscle this week and about cried. Seriously. Way to be one who goes to the gym and has a locker. That makes it more official somehow.

April said... [reply]

You should have stared the guy down until he quivered in fear. THEN he'd know you were a lady!

Kristeee said... [reply]

haha! You would've shown him!

foodie said... [reply]

See, you can get away with walking out in your sports bra and telling him off.

My natural, built-in shelf prevents me from ever attempting that. Plus he might care too much about those, rather than what I may say!

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