Photo shoot results

Hah. Just kidding. When Spitfire heard that I was out photo-taking, she sent me these (forwarded on from a coworker). They're all of our little valley. She said that a funny thing to do would be to pretend that I'd taken them yesterday and post them as a testament to how changeable the Utah weather can be. Which, really, she's not wrong about. I swear last week it was 7 degrees and I was busy scoping out which roommate to eat in case the entire city shut down from the cold and we had to go all Donner party on each other. Today I drove around with my windows and sunroof open while I catcalled the farm boys on their tractors.

It won't last. I know it won't last. We'll end up under 3 feet of snow yet. But these pics were too good not to share. I might not mind living here if I know it's going to look like this sometime.


Miss Hass said... [reply]

Mountains. I forgot about the mountains. I miss the mountains. There are no mountains here.

Lindsay said... [reply]

Wow, those are awesome pictures! It makes me miss my mountains, too...darn flat farmland.

n. feather said... [reply]

Holy Hannah--those pictures are incredible!

Kristeee said... [reply]

Wow, that's pretty. Do you smell cow poop when you see them, too?

Ed said... [reply]

The fifth image down from the top is by far superior. The deep shadows, emphasis on light, rain falling and hazing the hills are all attributes of impressionism.

Little meggers, if you can create more work that's as powerful as this one; you can kiss your job at the LPD goodbye, international galleries would welcome you with open arms providing you were consistant and had captured the images on medium format.

Meggers, the modern Monet!

ed said... [reply]

Update: Meg don't quit your day job, I found out you didn't take these pictures :(

daltongirl said... [reply]

Those are really nice, but I'd prefer more pics of Ioan.

Desmama said... [reply]

I still maintain that Cache Valley is Utah's best kept secret.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Yeah, sorry Hass. Only you have pretty green things, remember that!

Sorry, Lindsay. And yeah, I don't much care for flat farmland either.

Thanks, Noelle! I wish I'd taken them. Heck, I wish I'll get to be around when it looks like that!

Kristeee, I don't smell cow poop when I see them. Mostly because I have a cold and my olfactory senses are impaired.

Sorry I wasn't clear on that, Ed. It's a good thing we already have a brilliant photographer in the family.

Daltongirl, I know you would. And so would I. But we must think of the greater good, here.

We shall see, Desmama. We shall see. I'm really looking forward to spring, though. I hear it's beautiful in the spring.

Panini said... [reply]

wow, those are so beautiful! I love this valley! except, of course, the cow smell that accompanies the scenic views.

ambrosia ananas said... [reply]

Very pretty. I like your new town a lot. (Plus I'm basically immune to the smell of cow poop, so that's not an issue.)

chosha said... [reply]

Wow, I think I just found my next three desktop wallpapers. I'd rearrange all my icons just to be able to use that first one. Wow!

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

They really are amazing. Miss Hass--I incredibly agree; they make me homesick for mountains. Beautiful, snow-covered mountains.

Becky said... [reply]

That does it. I'm moving. In with you, of course, since I "know" no one else there....

Spitfire said... [reply]

Glad to see that most of you have been knocked into good sense! Now you see why every time I enter the valley I say, "Yay, we're home!!!"
Now all we need is for Jen and family to move here a.s.a.p!

Jimmy said... [reply]

I absolutely, positively live in the wrong part of the country. Awesome pictures. You have a great eye for this.

Jimmy said... [reply]

geez, my comment was supposed to be in the other entry, but these pics are nice too!

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