Blogging CiL 2007, Day 2

I've been wondering what I should say about the shootings in Virginia, and all the memorials and moments of silence being held today. And maybe it's inappropriate of me to talk about my sightseeing and my conference in light of what else is going on. But the thing is, I did have a really good day today, even if I did spend part of it being sad about what happened and praying for the families of the students who were killed. So I'm going to talk about some of the good things that happened.

This conference is great and I want to keep coming back every year. Not sure how likely that is, but I'll push for it. Today I learned more about Web 2.0 and how to create a library website specifically for teens and how to successfully implement change & help people transition into a new way of doing things in the workplace. I went to one session planning to learn about how to bring about innovation in libraries and instead learned about falling asleep in my chair. Which was really too bad. But at least I stayed in my seat rather than walking out like a bunch of other people did. Only maybe they had a point, because they probably slipped into a more interesting session and enjoyed the next 40 minutes rather than hallucinating through them.

Then I went shopping.

The Crystal City Metro station

I took the Metro to Foggy Bottom and then walked over to Georgetown. I didn't have a lot of time, which is not even fair because I could have spent hours in Georgetown. I loved all the beautiful red brick buildings and the parks and the Old Stone House. I loved that they have all my favorite stores there even if I only had time to go into H&M. (I found a very cute skirt there that makes me think of Cicada. Maybe this means she will try to steal it from me. Must be on my guard.) I also loved that it was Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's. I got the peanut butter swirl one, on account of peanut butter & chocolate are hands-down the best flavor combination on Earth.

Foggy Bottom Homes

More Foggy Bottom homes

Park at the beginning of Georgetown--I guess I lied about all the blossoms being blown off. Just most of them have been.

Sorry there aren't any real Georgetown pics, but I had to book it to get back in time. Part of me wanted to just forget the rest of the day and stay there, but I figured I'd better be Responsible. And it's a good thing I did go back, because not only did I learn cool things but after the sessions there was this exhibitor reception where people walked around with even more trays of goodies, like artichoke aioli and real crab cakes and mushroom dumplings. Heaven, I tell you.

Met up with Abby for dinner at the Lebanese Taverna in Pentagon City. We had:

  • Fatayer B'sbanigh (fried pastries filled with spinach, onions, pine nuts and sumac)
  • Kibbeh Yoghurtlieh (kibbeh balls topped with toasted pita and warm yogurt sauce and pine nuts)
  • Lamb Kabob (marinated lamb grilled and served w/rice and grilled veggies)

Turns out I love me some Lebanese food--everything was great. I got to use my per diem money on that because it was food. Afterwards we went to World Market next door and guess what else is food?

  • 1 container Ghirardelli Premium Hot Cocoa--chocolate hazelnut flavor
  • 2 100g bars Cadbury Whole Nut chocolate
  • 3 packs McVitie's digestives in milk chocolate, plain chocolate, and chocolate caramel
  • 2 160g jars Double Devon Cream for putting on scones
Yep. Totally counts. Per diem is my favorite.

After World Market we drove around Old Town Alexandria & some of the nearby neighborhoods. Could not stop gawking at the beautiful old buildings and multi-million dollar homes. I really should be living somewhere with old buildings because clearly it's in my blood. And no, disintegrating barns do not count, Logan.


Desmama said... [reply]

So did Foggy Bottom put you somewhere near Georgetown? Because I was slightly worried that it wouldn't, but it sounds like it did. You can be honest. We are friends, right?

I am envious you have been into an H&M. I just discovered the joy that is Anne Taylor Loft when I was there.

Scully said... [reply]

Oh Foggy Bottom was my Metro stop when I interned in DC. If you got off there, you probably walked right past the good old Barlow Center where all the BYU interns live! It is on L Street and 25th, right where they merge into Pennsylvania. We were a block away from the edge of Georgetown and would spend free afternoons shopping at the shops on M street. What wonderful times were spent there. I wonder if the homeless man who had the nerve to scoff at quarters and ask for dollars still hangs out there! Oh, and have a McVitties for me!

Carly said... [reply]

If you love old buildings, you should move to Boston. It reminds me of London a lot, especially the downtown area. The old next to the new is one of my favorite things about big cities.
Also, on the food note, how amazing is Devon Cream (we called it clotted cream, but that doesn't sound as appetizing)?? I so miss being able to get that stuff. And free cone day at Ben & Jerry's is my new favorite day. I got a free "upgrade" to a waffle cone for donating some money to charity and had my favorite, Banana's on the Rum. I had to stand in a HUGE line though, apparently poor Harvard students really like free cone day too.

TannerJ5 said... [reply]

wow.You are now one who gets out. much more interesting than my life right now.

Desmama said... [reply]

Scully, when did you intern at the Barlow Center? My sister was there in the fall of '05 . . .

Scully said... [reply]

I was with the original vanguard in 02. We were the first group in there and they didn't have all the kinks of the building quite worked out. For a solid week any large rat that bumped against the back door (there were restaurants on either side of the building, so rats were prevalent) would set it off. None of us got any sleep and the caretakers kept telling us it was because we didn't know how to shut the doors and to stop staying out until 3. Right.

Cicada said... [reply]

Hmm. I bought a skirt at H&M when I was out there last month... and if the skirt you bought made you think of me, it could possibly be the same one. In which case, I suggest you go back and return the skirt immediately because it would be tacky for friends to have the same clothes.

foodie said... [reply]

Reading this makes me so excited that I will get to go somewhat close to there this summer. My brother just moved to Fairfax, VA for the summer to sell alarm systems and I get to go visit at some point!!!

I must remember to get all the goods from you before I leave--even though my family is retarded and they don't like the "Good Sightseeing Stuff" like I do! They were bored in Philly while we were doing the whole declaration, liberty bell, betsy ross house, etc. Lame, I tell you, lame!

Jimmy said... [reply]

I was enjoying your picture layout, and then I got hit with the curveball, otherwise known as FOOD! Good stuff you mentioned here, but the chocolate hit me hard. I gotta do lunch now :)

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