This is what you're up against, guys--sorry

Am so irritated with YouTube at the moment because it says it's posting this video to my blog but it is actually lying to me. Only why even bother lying when I'm absolutely going to find out??

Remind me never to date YouTube.

You do, however, owe it to yourself and to your Monday to go watch this video. If you're a Jane Austen fan (or even a Jane Austen hater) then you should get a kick out of it. I couldn't decide whether to swoon or laugh my head off, so I did a bit of both.

Happy Monday!


amyjane said... [reply]

Oh my gosh. Totally peeing my pants laughing. Mostly because I'm visualizing you swooning watching this!

Desmama said... [reply]

Loved it!

Jenny said... [reply]

I still maintain that Mr. Rochester did not get enough screen time and dumb creey Henry from Mansfield Park got way too much. I think the video was fab.

Yeah, it's me. . . said... [reply]

I agree with Jenny. And although the video was good, it would have been exponentially better with Bingley and Darcy included, because seriously. . . what doesn't improve when those two are included??

Lindsay said... [reply]

Oh my. Lovely. Hilariously and deliciously lovely.

Katie said... [reply]

What a great way to start the week. Which movie is the guy without the shirt from? That one looked really interesting.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Katie, YEAH it did. I think that one is "Under the Greenwood Tree" which aired on Masterpiece Theatre this year.

Nerd Goddess said... [reply]

Nemesis, you strike me as just the person who would love Shannon Hale's next book titled "Austenland" it comes out in a few days. I'm way excited for it...

Tusk said... [reply]

How are we supposed to compete with fictional, anachronistic characters?

kristen said... [reply]

That put a huge smile on my face. Loved it.

If I can pick a particular 'hero', I'll go with Darcy any day of the week.

Jimmy said... [reply]

LOL, that was some pretty clever editing. Good video!

Scully said... [reply]

That made my day. Ditto on Mr. Rochester not getting enough screen time. This just underscores what I have long maintained. It is NOT ridiculous to hold out for a modern day Mr. Darcy or Mr. Knightly or Captain Wentworth or Mr. Rochester. One final note, the video was sadly lacking in Jeremy Northam's Mr. Knightly. Fell in Love with his version of Mr. Knightly. And with Jeremy Northam himself after that version of Emma came out.

JaneFan said... [reply]

lol that is the cheesiest thing ever! I love it! *link*

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