Crazy Thursday

It's a crazy day at work, due in part to Developments About Which I May Not Yet Speak. Sadly, these developments do not involve hot British men. They so seldom do, which I find really quite frustrating and against what is right.

To deal with the Developments, I went out with Spitfire and spent money and ingested masses of ice cream.

Clinique is running its Clinique Bonus promotion, where if you spend $21.50 you get the bag of goodies. I bought the All About Eyes Cream as part of my ongoing mission to stave off crone-eyes, infertility, and ultimately Cheat Death Itself.

Anyway, the bonus package includes a cute makeup bag (which I did actually need), a mascara, a lipstick, an eyelash curler, eye makeup remover, eyeshadow, and a smaller pot of the All About Eyes cream. So . . . there you have it.

Then I went to Cold Stone and redeemed my birthday coupon for my free ice cream creation. I chose chocolate ice cream with peanut butter, brownie, toasted almonds, and chocolate sauce added. I shared it with Spitfire, so it's not like I was being a total pig.

The last stop probably made me the happiest. We went to Sam's Club and I bought a box containing 120 crocus bulbs--mixed variety. You may remember this, but crocuses are now my absolute favorite part of spring, and I missed them something fierce this year. And now for the bargain price of $13.99 I have my babies. I want to hug the box and love it and kiss it and keep it on a special pillow next to me always.

Also, I think it's helping to ward of the absolute panic I'm feeling now as the leaves are starting to turn. Because my thoughts are going like this:

leaves turning leads to fall
fall leads to winter
Winter = (Cold + Snow + Amputated Frozen Dead Limbs) Crap

Not that I'm overreacting at all. But seriously. These crocuses? These are my hope. My hope that I'll be able to come out on the other side with limbs intact and hydrated eyes and some of my eggs left.


Jenny said... [reply]

Can I have your smaller pot of all about eyes cream since you already have one?

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

I love Clinique Bonus Days, but in the past the thing I really want is always priced about 2$ under the limit they set and I end up buying TWO things. I have such a collection of those cutesy little make up bags. Too bad I'm pretty much down to applying my face only on Sundays.

My two favorite things about Utah spring: bulbs and lilacs

Lizardbreath McGee said... [reply]

Winter is the only thing that taints my enjoyment of autumn, so I just go through the season stoutly believing that snow Does Not Exist. When I eventually rediscover that it does, I have a good cry and am thereafter good to go. And freezing blasted cold.

kristen said... [reply]

LOVE Clinique bonus days. I'm going to need to get myself over to the mall. I find myself in the same scenario as stm.....having to buy 2 things to qualify. I swear they do that on purpose.

Desmama said... [reply]

Woot! Bonus Days is great. I find that if what I need is juuust under the qualifying amount, I'll buy two, since I'll always use it. But this time I'll have no problem, since I need foundation, mascara, and lipstick.

N.F. said... [reply]

I went to The Body Sh*p last night and got their free gift. The mascara is AWESOME. I cannot EVER find mascara I like--anywhere. But, I would have much loved more (haha, I can't type tonight; I had too much school today) the Clinique. Lucky you.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

omyheckomyheck . . . you have to check out msn.com their video archives for September 14 to see the story about the Mormon RM's posing half naked for a calendar. I've linked it from my blog and I have to know what you say about this.

Lady Steed said... [reply]

How well does that eye cream work? Would you highly recommend it? I am beginning to notice wrinkles and feel I must take action!

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