I love it when people are reasonable

So this morning I dragged myself to work a whole two hours early (before you start getting out your violins, I normally don't go in until 10am) so that I could do an online training session for the filling in of the state's annual statistical library report thingies.

When the moderator and I got online we realized that I was the only one who'd shown up for this two-hour training. Crossing fingers, I said that I'd really only brought a couple of questions so I didn't know how helpful it would be for me to receive the entire presentation. And he, bless him, said we could just go ahead and do my questions and call it good.

Now, this is a guy who takes his job and these reports seriously, and yet he had the goodness to not make me sit through the entire thing unnecessarily. Some people would make you do that. They would be all, "I made a PowerPoint presentation and so you are going to sit there and like it and I just might even extend the training to get back at you for thinking that every word which drops from my lips is not made up of diamonds and sapphires and the healing tears of the unicorn."

I'm off for the Utah State Fair this afternoon, where I will cavort and gambol with my sisters and the Precii. I think I'll avoid the rides, since one of my Fair Goals is to find me a deep-fried Snickers bar and ingest it. Possibly with whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top. I hope someone there does that. Go watch the commercials, they're hilarious.

Since we're all here anyway, does anyone want to share their favorite fair foods/rides/traditions? Or any great funnel cakes + teacups = rainbow vomit stories?


Bone Junior said... [reply]

My first experience at the Utah State Fair (six years ago, maybe seven now) culminated with watching my friends get vomited upon while riding the Ferris Wheel. The vomitee was at the very top, and all the vom dripped down on my friends at the bottom. I savor that memory - mostly because I didn't get vommed on.

Then there was the time two years ago when I went with this guy I had a raging crush on, and he was obsessed with the pork trailer. I didn't really hang out with him after that.

Yeah, it's me. . . said... [reply]

Those Napoleon Dynamite commercials were freakin' hilarious.

Liz Johnson said... [reply]

I will walk miles upon miles for funnel cake. I once waited in line for it for over an hour. No joke. That is near-sacred stuff.

I had an 'elephant ear' the other day at a festival. It's no funnel cake, but it did satisfy my craving for fattening food.

MBC said... [reply]

I grew up near Dollywood, where the funnel cake is king. I can't eat funnel cakes anymore, because I used to get them at Dollywood and then feel sick for the next six months. It's a miracle I lived through middle school without needing bypass surgery.

Megan said... [reply]

The last area of my mission in Kentucky found me in an awful apartment with a next-door neighbor named Ricky who relieved himself in the hallway, but had a handy knack of opening canned food with a switch-blade. When county fair time came, the fair folks set up port-a-potties right below our window.

Yet, in spite of Ricky and the portable toilets, I will always have fondness in my heart for the Apple Festival of Liberty Kentucky because for a good four days, I enjoyed carnival food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Also, I tasted the bliss that is funnel cake for the first time.

coolmom said... [reply]

I went to the site but couldn't find the commercials. Help!

Desmama said... [reply]

I love those commercials. Can you believe some ornery old codger wrote in to the Deseret News and actually complained about them? Yeesh. Said that corn dogs were not the highlight of his fair experience.

blackjazz said... [reply]

I managed to find the "fun" ads in the "Fill Up On Fun Ads" section. They weren't funny. Not even a bit. I was willing them to make me even smile a bit, but... nothing. Not even a slight curl at the edges of my mouth. I am really most genuinely sorry. (I wanted to put that stupid sausage in a liquidiser!)

Is this an American thing?

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

Our city fair was last weekend. No vomit involved, but it did pour down rain on and off all weekend. The highlight was when my brother-in-law talked one of the carnival workers down from 4 to 2 tickets each for all of us to ride a ride similar to teacups.

No one was riding it (or had been since we got to the fair) and so I think he needed a bit of business. I think we helped him get more customers, though. Our screaming attracted people and suddenly there were people in line.

Also, funnel cakes are the best food ever, but I can only handle them once a year.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

We missed the Lane County Fair last week; the baby has a really bad habit of being totally rotten in the evenings. We were warned away from the Oregon State Fair held in a large open meadow not far from here. Apparently all of the leftover hippies and hippie wannabees have settled within 10 miles of Eugene. Lets just say the meadow fest is pretty much a topless affair. Hash in the funnel cakes.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Oh, and I clicked on the link. I laughed until my sides hurt. The best is when you can see the hands of the people holding the "food."

Christie said... [reply]

I've lived a sheltered life without ever riding the rides at fairs and carnivals. But . . .

We held a Zucchini Daze event for friends and neighbors to attend. We had a carving contest (pre-carved so my homeowner's insurance wouldn't go up)and zucchini sculpture for kids (if it's a common item and you can stick it in a zucchini, they did). We had everyone bring any extra zucchini they had and used the huge mondo ones and let the macho men have a hurling contest. Zucchini croquet was also a hit.

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