Not that I'm cheap, mind you

But the fact that money has left my cold, brittle, dead hands to upgrade me from a free to a paid Flickr account means I love you people. And it means that I can now start putting all the England and food pictures I want up there. Huzzah!

Of course, doing this makes me miss England. A lot. So much that the only cure really is to go watch my new birthday copy of North and South some more. Of course, I name that as my cure for lots of things, including PMS, allergies, and corns.

BUT. Yesterday was good, because it was the first step in my Secret New Plan. I figure if I can't live in England, I can at least get all my English friends to come live near me. And one of them has! Neener! Last night was mine and Desmama's book group, with the newest member being the lovely Sian from Loughborough, who just moved to L**** with her new American husband. It was so great to see her and too weird to think that we would both end up here. The only problem was that as we chatted I could hear myself slipping back into whatever strange hybrid I spoke during that year. I just hope Spitfire didn't notice. We're kind of merciless about things like that in my family.

The other highlight of my evening was when Sian arrived at my apartment (she was first) and had to delicately inform me that the back of my skirt was sort of tucked into my underwear. Do not ask me how this happened--all I know is that I was wearing a lot of layers and had had to rush out of the bathroom earlier to answer the phone. I tried to play if off, though. "Why yes, this is how U.S. Americans, such as, greet friends after a long separation."


Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

I miss book club. *Sigh* What did you read? What is next month?

I understand your England thing. Every time I hear an Aussie accent or smell eucalyptus I feel a little bit "home"sick.

Desmama said... [reply]

HAHA HAHA! I'm not laughing at the skirt in the unders, though. I'm laughing at the "such as." I think I'm going to start throwing that into things I say just at random.

Book club was lovely, wasn't it? And so was Sian. I wanted to visit with her more, but I felt overbearing and loud, for some reason (am I?) so I didn't want to scare her off. She seems quite nice.

zippity-do-da said... [reply]

I'm new to your blog- but it came highly recomended (thanks Science Teacher Mommy) I will keep comming back as long as I feel you to be a kindred spirt- for the "skirt in unders" is unfortunately very frequent in my world.

April said... [reply]

I, too, need to throw "such as" into my daily conversations. I love it!

Nemesis said... [reply]

STM, we read Complications: A Surgeons's Notes on an Imperfect Science by Atul Gawande. This month we're doing Slumming by Kristen D. Randle. And then comes Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. I'm so excited!

Desmama, yes. Book club was great, I thought. And no, I don't think you're overbearing or loud. But in a group like that, you do have to speak up, I think. :-)

Welcome, zippity-do-da! I think that was the first time the "skirt in unders" has happened to me--I doubt it's the last, though.

cooldad said... [reply]

Is your faux pas a prelude to wearing your unders as outers? Ala "Splash"

Lady J said... [reply]

Desmama - Sian is lovely. Miss Nem - say hello to her for me and tell her I hope all is going well. It's so nice that she can have a circle of friends ready made for her in her new home town.

Scully said... [reply]

Someday, Nem, we will have to get our heads together to figure out the whole live-in-England thing, because it is on my to-do list. My current best-bet plan is to marry a Brit and become a bi-continental, bi-citizen. But my rural E. WA town doesn't attract many single Brits. I'm so very sorry about your skirt/underwear incident. I had a similar experience when I was twelve, only my big, pleated floral dress was caught in my nylons after a trip to the restroom during sacrament meeting and luckily a young dad w/ his crying infant was kind enough to inform me of it right before I walked back into the chapel.

Saxon said... [reply]

I knew you had a secret plan, I knew it. Too many people seem to be going out there for it to be a coincedence, and they said I was mad, me Mwah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,
okay there's a slim possibility here that I might have had just a bit too much sugar today

Say Hello to Sian for me and remind her of the last very ironic thing she said to the YSA at the christmas party
" Look I won't be out there for longer then three months. I will be back, it's not like I'm going out there to get married"

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Desmama, You have to be the overbearing and loud one now because I'm not there anymore. I'm going to by that Gawande book for my med-school brother, but I think I'll read it first. I'm sure that it tacky. I remember you saying "Slumming" was great, and I enjoyed "Poisonwood Bible" so I may try the other. The problem is that I pay county taxes here so I have to PAY to get in the city library system. Communist. Of course, it is Oregon.

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