Totally reasonable expectations

A week ago a children's book came in to the library that included a small necklace. After making sure no one else was desperate to wear a cheap necklace with a pink-enameled cameo of a little girl's profile on it, I grabbed it for Savvy.

I called her that night to give her the news.

Me: Hey Savvy, I got you something!

Savvy (in the voice of either a sorority sister or a flamboyantly gay male): Oooooh, what iiiis it?

Me: It's a necklace.

Savvy: Oh my gosh, a necklace!

Me: Yes, it's a princess necklace.

Savvy: Oh! And a princess dreeeess, and princess shooooes?

Me: Um . . . no. It's just the necklace, actually.

Savvy (completely deflated and now no longer bothering to even pretend to care): Oh.


coolmom said... [reply]

If only we could all be so honest and get away with it.

Scully said... [reply]

Well, obviously a princess necklace can't truly BE a princess necklace if you don't look the part. My brother's 4 year-old sis-in-law is having a Princess Party for her birthday party. I suggested he volunteer to be their horse. He wasn't amused.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

I'm so glad to have boys. They think it is Christmas if I give them permission to play with a rope. Or a hanger. Or a stick.

Jenny said... [reply]

I just read this to Savvy. She is real excited for the princess necklace and said she can wait until Christmas to get the dress. Such a compassionate soul, I tell you.

Miss Hass said... [reply]

Awww, she's so sweet to you!

cooldad said... [reply]

Good Grief Auntie Nem. You got that blame necklace for free. Now that you are "acting director", can't you spring for a dress and shoes for your little princess???

chosha said... [reply]

Clearly the child needs some exposure to magical girl anime (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magical_girl), where she will learn that a pendant and a few magical words can turn you into a fully powered princess. Worth looking into.

Lady Steed said... [reply]

hahahahahaha!!!! How can she know about complete sets already?!

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