Depths of despair

So on Saturday I threw Cicada's bridal shower, in which many, many things went perfectly right:

The food was fabulous.

Lovely people like Jenny and Daltongirl and Ambrosia helped out.

I got to meet Cicada's darling mom.

We didn't play one single lame shower game, on account of I am against those and Cicada didn't want them anyway.

Cicada bought Jenny and me presents for hosting the thing. Which just goes to confirm that Cicada is one who puts the class in classy. (As opposed to people who include registry and/or other money-grubbing information in their wedding invitations. For said people's contribution, simply remove the c and the l.)

The problem is that after we got everything set up I was going to take pics of the food but realized that I left my camera in the car and couldn't find my keys. And then guests started showing up and I got all busy. At the end of the shower, when everything had been devoured, I realized that I never got my pictures. And that it was everlastingly too late. I kind of wanted to shoot myself in the face at that point, since I was SO excited to take the pictures and show the Internet my moment of domestic goddessity.

So instead I'll have to tell you what we had and you'll have to just imagine it. I feel like such a failure, even if the food did kick trash.

Cream of Pumpkin Soup

Crusty rosemary bread

Cheese tray of Chevre, Camembert, and Irish Cheddar

Veggie platters with Green Goddess Dip (not the exact recipe)

Chocolate cupcakes with Nutella filling and chocolate hazelnut frosting, rolled in crushed toasted hazelnuts (Jenny made these because she is the best)

Archer Farms Italian soda, brought by Daltongirl
(blood orange is my favorite!)

So yeah. See why I'm sad?


Miss Hass said... [reply]


Janssen said... [reply]

So my sister and her husband wanted to put "please send checks rather than gifts" on their announcements. My mother nearly had a heart attack and put her foot down. (They did still insist on putting where they were registered, which I think is tacky, but at least it's better than demanding cold hard cash).

Suzie1 said... [reply]

Oh, man! It sounds awesome! I'm so bummed I missed it. :( :( :(

I was planning on emailing you shortly to discuss the possibility of throwing ourselves an "I'm never going to get married so make with the gifts already" shower. Mwahahahahaha!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Suzie1, I am there. I was so sorry I didn't get to meet you on Saturday!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hass, you would have liked it. You and I need to get together and eat the autumnal foods.

Janssen, I'm glad your mom managed to be the Voice of Reason on that one. And I wasn't going to say anything since it's your sister we're talking about, but since you said it, yeah . . . tacky.

miranda said... [reply]

tasty, tasty. and the cheese! how often do we see such cheeses at any sort of Utah "party?" not very.

Rynell said... [reply]

Yippy! There is that pumpkin soup recipe I was going to email you for. I must try that...
And the rest sounds fabuloso tambien... (ok enough with my ridiculous spanglish....)

You are a domestic goddess indeed.

chosha said... [reply]

Or replace the 'l' with an 'r'.

Photos or not, sounds like things went awesomely. Good job!

BEFore said... [reply]

Next cell phone... get one with a slightly better-than-normal camera to use as an always-on-hand backup. ;)

FoxyJ said... [reply]

That sounds delicious! I have no pictures of my one and only baby shower because I forgot to bring my camera. I still feel somewhat sad about it and it's been four years. I almost wish I didn't have pictures of my bridal shower because they show how flaming red my face gets when I open up packages of lingerie in front of all my friends.

Azúcar said... [reply]

Miranda, come to one of my parties, we always have cheese. I even did a cheese tasting with the Young Women.

Cicada said... [reply]

It was a beautiful spread. And a perfect, perfect shower. Thanks again so much! I have to admit that before the event, I was also looking forward to the food pictures that you'd eventually post to your blog, but in the thick of things, I also forgot that you'd want to take those pictures.

Also, I'm totally all about the "I'm never going to get married so make with the gifts already shower." I won't get you lingerie, but I'll get some fabulous kitchen gift.

Holmes Family said... [reply]

Umm...yeah. An unnamed acquaintance actually had a POEM about giving them money instead of gifts. I went and got it out of my scrapbook (yes, I kept it, you can't buy this kind of tackiness). This is it:

Since we are moving far, far away...
Our beautiful wedding gifts will have to stay.
So if you come to our little bash...
Would it be too much to ask for cash?

Nemesis said... [reply]

Holmes Family . . . wow.

I think you pretty much win this thing. And I am so, SO very glad you kept it.

daltongirl said... [reply]

I am so very, very sorry! I never caught why the loss of the keys was important. I had my camera right there the whole time, and later started thinking, "Why didn't Nem take any pictures? Huh. I guess she decided not to. Well, maybe there was a reason. I'd better not take pictures either."

I feel like a total moron. I am a total moron.

But I can vouch for the beauty and charm of the entire event. Lovely. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Just like a fairyland. Only with camembert and no fairies.

ambrosia ananas said... [reply]

Yeah, have we discussed how that was the tastiest shower *ever*? I mean, rosemary bread with camembert? And pumpkin soup? And nutella cupcakes? Mmmmm.

Add to that a complete lack of stupid games, and you have one of the best showers of all time.

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