Every day should be relaxation day

Spitfire and I had Monday (Veteran's Day) off, so we decided to commemorate the sacrifices of veterans everywhere by treating ourselves to a day of debauchery. We grabbed Jenny and drove up to Park City in order to temporarily escape from our lives. Not that our lives are bad, because they're not, but we're pretty much all going through crazy stressful times and we figured a bit of a Hen Night was preferable to one day snapping and buying some kind of high-powered rifle and climbing the nearest building with it. I'm sure you agree.

At the hotel we sat in the hot tub, did pedicures and manicures, gave each other back rubs, and ate dangerous amounts of Brie, focaccia bread, apples, hot chocolate, and no-bake cookies. I told Jen before the trip that even though I love her nobakes, I always get a gastrointestinal complaint when I eat them. Her response: That's because you're not supposed to eat seven at a time.

She's a jerk.

Her solution was for me to only eat two and see how my gastrointestinal system dealt with it. Only this did not seem a good plan to me because it would mean I only got two cookies. So I tried to cut back but apparently I failed. And it turns out that the windows in our hotel room don't open. Which is too bad.

During the pedicures the three of us wedged ourselves onto the side of the bathtub so we could keep our feet in the tub for the rinsing. It was kind of precarious, and I'm sure from the back we resembled three hippos at the watering hole.

The next morning (after the alarm on my cell phone went off, which Jenny says is one of the worst things she's ever heard and which I claim is the reason why I'm in a bad mood every day--if anyone knows of any precious, gentle, kind alarms do let me know) we hit the Outlet Mall, World Market, and downtown Park City. The weather was sunny and beautiful and everything was just relaxed and perfect.

At the World Market I got holiday crackers for Christmas dinner, real Whole Nut Cadbury bars, a bag of French lavender for cooking, two vanilla beans for $2.99, and two more sets of chopsticks to replace ones which have either been stolen or have simply run away to find a home where they'll actually get used. I love that store. I could wander around in there all day long.

My new favorite Park City bookstore is called Dolly's and is right next to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. This store is cozy and wonderful and so are the people who work there and they keep live cats sleeping in a basket. Jenny discovered this cool new edition of Pippi Longstocking, which I had not even known about but must buy immediately for the library.

We wanted to have lunch at Bistro 412 (turn your speakers off if you don't want your mind polluted with the sweet singings of French men, Dad) in keeping with our weekend of Estrogen and The Finer Things, but it was closed. Jerks. So after roaming the street for forever (lots of places are closed right now) we decided on Bandits' Grill and Bar. The only problem with this place is that it's right next the Hungry Moose Grill, which is awful. Last year when my parents were visiting we accidentally went to this place for dinner because I mistook it for Bandits. Do not make the same mistake.

Spitfire and Jen split a guacamole burger, and I got the Kobe Black & Bleu, which was an American Kobe beef burger with bleu cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, and tomato. It was amazingly good. We had a tiny bit of room left for dessert, so when our server listed brownie sundae as one of the options we ordered one to split between the three of us. And then she, assisted by a forklift, brought it out to us.

And yes, that is a full-sized skillet underneath it and a full-sized waterglass next to it. Other people in the restaurant stared and asked what unholy thing we'd just done. We did our best but couldn't come close to finishing. Which, okay, I get that for presentation's sake that's a really clever thing. But we didn't need that much dessert. We couldn't eat that much dessert. They don't put the desserts on the menu but instead list them at the table, so that you don't see a price to tip you off about the size. I'm just saying. It was good, but unnecessarily (and somewhat deceptively) huge. I'm just warning you for when you go.


i i e ee said... [reply]

Sounds perfect. Very jealous of your Park City excursion.

I heart that bookshop so much. I love the big fat kitties. I swear that place is magical.

That dessert looks painful to me. Deliciously painful.

Rachel said... [reply]

Hippos at the watering hole! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I'd kill for some of that huge sundae.

Nerd Goddess said... [reply]

The Pippi Longstocking book looks really good. I love Lauren Child.

And that dessert... that's something else.

Miss Hass said... [reply]

Looks fun. I'm jealous!

nomadic gnome said... [reply]

There's nothing better than a cozy bookstore with a cat. In my hometowns' "Old Town" strip, there is a bookstore with an old old bassett hound walking around to greet everyone. I love going there.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

How wonderful. I met three mission companions in Park City almost exactly a year ago this week and we ate at an amazing Mexican joint across for RMCF (where we, of course finished our meal). We stayed overnight in one my friend's rental houses in Park City and went outletting on Saturday. It was pure bliss. Park City . . . a nice place to visit, but I don't think I'd want to live there.

amyjane said... [reply]

Oh, I really could use a sisters break. Even though I'm not technically one of the sisters involved. You'd still let me come, right? If I were there?

Desmama said... [reply]

This looks like it was so much fun. That dessert would've just made me start laughing.

Jenny said... [reply]

Amy, you totally count! When you are in town we will have to do something like that

amyjane said... [reply]

Hmmm. Does this mean Jenny loves me best, since she was the first to include me with the sisters? Or does it mean she's home blogging while you save the library world?

Nells said... [reply]

Park City is always a fun getaway place. Glad you were able to go and truly enjoy yourself. I always have to get something from the Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory when I go. Looks like your sundae was killer! I'm wondering if Lauren Child also illustrates the show Charlie and Lola. Looks very similar. Can't wait for this book to come in!
Janelle :p

Nemesis said... [reply]

i i e ee, I'm glad you go there too. I don't even love cats, but in that shop they're a good idea, I think.

Rachel, I wish you were there to help us with it!

Nerd Goddess, I love Lauren Child too. Can't wait to read that book.

Hass, I wish you were there with us! And Amy, of course you would have been invited.

NG--I can absolutely get behind the idea of a mournful hound in a bookshop.

STM, I don't know if I would want to live there or not. It's probably a bit too rich for my cheap miser blood. I hear the library's good, though.

Desmama, the dessert did set us off laughing. Because yeah, does anyone need that much ice cream?

Nells, you're absolutely right about Lauren Child being the Charlie & Lola author. My niece and nephew (aka the Preciouses) love the books and the TV show. Clarice Bean is another one of her heroines and she is hysterical.

daltongirl said... [reply]

You used the word of "jerk" no less than twice in that post--one in connection with a most beloved sister. And you assert that you never called me a jerk when I ate Cicada's baklava?


miranda said... [reply]

jealous! glad you had a good time

i covered sundance a couple of times, and thoroughly enjoy park city. but i think it would be even better when not stuffed full of people.

April said... [reply]

I adored reading Pippi when I was a wee, fluffy-haired girl. I should try to persuade our library director to purchase that book, too.

I had to laugh at the bit about the windows not opening, unfortunately! haha Why must cookies hurt so good?

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