Behold the hair cut

So yeah, it's fun and I like it. And it takes like 10 minutes to do in the morning, which I am all for. Now I can spend the rest of the time on meditation. And bust-increasing exercises.

This weekend was all kinds of good, beginning with the part where L**** decided to give me a freaking break and stop with the snowing. The kiddies came up and we did Baby Animal Days and got to be all one with the baby pigs and lambs and horses and calves. And if anyone heard the part where I mistakenly told Savvy that a baby calf was, in fact, a baby llama, please just wipe that from your memory. Because I'm pretty sure you're on drugs and I didn't actually say that.

Something I did say, though, which almost caused the earth to stop spinning on its invisible axis, was this gem during lunch.

Me: "Uh oh, Baby Ethan's excaped."

A sudden hush falls.

Me: "Wait, what?? I mean, he's ES-scaped. Escaped. Oh my gosh, I don't even know what I'm saying!!!!"

Jenny: "Wow. And then my librarian sister lost her mind."

Yeah. That was the low point. Am starting the fish oil supplements right now. And the electroshock therapy.

Here's a pic of Savvy during Baby Animal Days. Because how is she even supposed to create art if the sun is in her eyes? Turns out she's more comfortable coloring pictures of baby frogs and turtles than she is with holding them. Closest we got was when I held a baby turtle and she touched it with one index finger before running away.


Desmama said... [reply]

Oh, the haircut is darling! It looks exceptionally good on you.

BEFore said... [reply]

Well. I was going to comment on the haircut, but the sunglasses picture made my brain pop. I mean really -- how fun/funny/awesome is that photo? I half expect her to be signing reprints of her art with that look on her face.

Bad news about the weather though. Don't put away your jacket yet. (The weekend is supposed to be nice again.l)

Gretchen said... [reply]

Love the haircut!

BEFore said... [reply]

Annnnnnnddd, the day is off to a great start:

I can pretty much work in zen now. (Especially since the computer I had to work on over the weekend... IS WORKING PERFECTLY!)

But getting back to the haircut -- unless you've got [goes hunting] Yul or Ioan Gruffudd to blow on your now-accessible neck, you're going to need to invest in a convertible to really take advantage of the new aerodynamic situation. I mean -- that's always the best part of getting a haircut in the spring / summer!

(I managed to remember how to spell situation after only 3 tries. My brain IS mush apparently. That'll work out well today I'm sure.)

BEFore said... [reply]

Ooh, should have linked the link.

Now I promise to leave the poor comments thread alone.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Thanks, Desmama!

Before, isn't that an awesome picture? Thanks for the links to the cute overload site. Those are just inSANEly cute.

Gretchen, thank you! I'm really liking it.

Frey said... [reply]

We know the way you dress affects the way you act. Now we know your haircut affects the way you talk. I think the mommy haircut evolved to help communication with children. Biscetti for dinner anyone? How about some yogrut?

Kidding aside,(no punun imtemded) you look sensational.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Anything you say during baby animal days doesn't count. There are four gazillion screaming kids and whenver I've gone it is ten degrees too warm for what I'm wearing. All my kids ever want to do is go look at the steam-tractors, and I know I've seen 2 rabbits and 3 chickens squished to death by those eager hands. (Think: Of Mice and Men)

And your. Hair. Is. Awesome.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Frey, if my haircut turns me into a dumb blond, then at least I can take consolation from the "sensational" remark. Thank you!

STM, I didn't see any of that happening, much to my relief. Maybe they've gotten smarter about how they do things. The kids holding rabbits were all sitting on a bench, supervised, and I didn't see any chicks this time. They had multiple pens set up where a couple of kids at a time could climb in with the pigs, goats, etc. And those were supervised as well. It seemed to run really smoothly, so that was good!

Scully said... [reply]

Love the hair! Also, your niece is on her way from Precious to Diva-licious.

Yankee Girl said... [reply]

Gorgeous Hair! Love it.

Anonymous said... [reply]

You and Savvy are like twins across time! Very cute :D

Daniel said... [reply]

Am loving the hair!!! You are so so lucky to have such natural beautiful curls x

Daniel said... [reply]

Sorry Steph - its Debs Kear!! Am signed on using Dan's google account x

jeri said... [reply]

My girl (who is Savvy's age) would have the exact same reaction to the animals. And my son would pet them to death.

And this weather can kiss it. The first day I don't have the heater on, we have to switch straight over to the air conditioning? I'm starting to smell a conspiracy.

Audrey said... [reply]

I totally dig the haircut!

Mad Hadder said... [reply]

We Bear Lakers go to Logan to warm up, so the weather thing is all relative. And Star Valleyans come here! So go figure. What are you knitting? Write about that, bitte.

coolmom said... [reply]

Adorable, but then, my daughters wouldn't be anything but!!!

Oh for fun, have you boughten anything lately? Oh my heck? No. Well then, time to go shopping.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Scully, you are true about the niece. Such sass!

Yankee girl, thank you! Maybe one of these days we can actually meet up and admire each other in person!

Chantel, thank you!

Debs, thanks! And by the way, I love seeing your pictures of Olivia! x

Jeri, two words: Gift Horse. And today I can tell that there's something fishy going on outside. Sigh . . .

Audrey, thank you!

Mad Hadder, I'm SUPPOSED to be knitting baby booties for Amyjane's Little Stranger, but they've gone all wrong so I need to start over.

Mom, your Utah impression is getting better all the time. :-)

The Divine Miss A said... [reply]

Awesome hair. Incredibly cute.

Christie said... [reply]

Way cute cut!

And about the sunglasses. I was the substitute chorister in church a couple weeks ago and was leading the sacrament song -- very seriously -- when a young family walked in late. Their three-year-old had on blue sunglasses. In the chapel. I just about laughed right out loud, but managed to keep singing.

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