The Happy Working Song

This week I've made important strides towards becoming a responsible adult who will not die buried in a mountain of filth. My biggest accomplishments?

Hauled down the spring & summer clothes. Going through the winter clothes to see which ones I actually wore this year. And which ones actually looked okay while I wore them. The rest need to go. And then I'll have like 4 things left.

Filled my car with gas, even though it cost $50 to do so and when I saw the price I was sorely tempted to just start sucking on the end of the gasoline pump nozzle and end it all.

Got an oil change, which was about 3 months (or 1,000 miles) overdue. I sense that my car is happy with me now, and has temporarily shelved her secret plan to kill me in a blazing inferno. To further appease her I will purchase fuel injector cleaner for our next fill-up. And, as a big ol' bonus, the oil change people vacuumed her out and threw in a free car wash. Which is good, because with the freaky dry/hot/rain/snow/hail/laugh at the pitiful mortals weather we've been having my car now looks as though she was targeted by an extended seagull family.

Vacuumed my bedroom floor. Scared my roommate to death afterwards because she thought maybe someone had killed a badger and stuffed it in the vacuum.

But yes! This is progress!


Frey said... [reply]

Wow. You are running on all 4 very clean cylinders today! Did you suck down some of that injector cleaner too? Nem at her best. Sounds like your room was targeted by an extended badger family ;)

Cooldad said... [reply]

According my car dealership mechanic, if you purchase gas with detergent (Chevron for example) you do not need to use injector cleaner. Cheveron, at least here, is the same price as all the convenience store gas that no longer has detergents. This doesn't mean that you have to use detergent gas exclusively, maybe every other fill up.

Desmama said... [reply]

Spring cleaning does feel great, doesn't it? Now if spring would just come . . .

Jon Boy said... [reply]

Cooldad is correct. Injector cleaner is basically just a concentrated shot of the detergents that top tier retailers put in their gas. It certainly couldn't hurt to put some in, and you don't need to wait until your next fill-up. It usually says on the bottle to put it in just before you fill up, but really the point is just to dilute it with a whole tank of gas.

I need to wash and wax my car sometime, but it's hard to bring myself to do so when it keeps getting so filthy from the weekly rain showers.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Thank you to both my dad and to Jonboy. Just went to gasbuddy.com and found that the local Conaco station is tied with two others today for cheapest gasoline in town, and Conaco qualifies as a Top Tier retailer according to Jonboy's site. Yay me!

Nemesis said... [reply]

ConOco, I mean.

coolmom said... [reply]

It will say on the pump if there's detergent in the gas. Braggin rights! Gas here just went to $3.64 today.

blackjazz said... [reply]

In a spirit of trying to make you feel better about the price you're pay for "gas" (petrol) I thought you might like to know the UK prices.

I feel warm and grateful if I can find petrol for sale for £1.06 per litre or less at the moment. I've done some arithmetic on that and it works out to about $7.51 / gallon.

Bone Junior said... [reply]

I love your blog. You slay me.

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