I got nothing

But my SISTER does.

What with the rising hysteria over the coming release of Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn, she created a survey that made me snort IZZE soda out my nose.

Head on over if you could use a laugh at Bella's expense. Which, you know, should be all of you.


Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Thanks for the tip. I haven't laughed this hard for a few days.

Holly from Diet Cake said... [reply]

I have nothing relevant to add to this particular post, but here seemed like as good a place as any to sing the praises of your blog (at a non-funereal tempo, of course.) I first read it eons ago and I'm reminded of its existence from time to time when I stumble upon a link in another blog or find it buried in my mess of bookmarks.
You are a fabulous, witty writer! And as the bookworm daughter of a librarian* and a former resident of England (sure, I was 12, but the memories run deep), I greatly enjoy reading about your experiences.
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

*This kind of sounds like an unnecessarily elaborate insult: "You bookworm daughter of a librarian!"

BEFore said... [reply]

A blog about a bunch of people I don't know... how interesting could it....



chosha said... [reply]

Genius, I loved it. I read the books (and will surely read the new one) but wow, Bella the simpering crush girl does take you to sugar shock level.

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