Wish me luck!

Am off applying for jobs today. As lovely as it has been to sleep in and be a house bunny for the past two weeks, it is time to get serious. Since there are currently no full-time library jobs open in my area, I'm going to have to get creative. Which means you should probably start looking carefully at who is serving you the next time you frequent Hot Dog on a Stick.

Also? I now have new incentive for finding employment which takes me out of my apartment. Because here's the thing. My complex is swarming with dogs. Everyone has a dog. Which is fine, I love me some dogs, but their owners all appear to be complete idiots. There's one guy who is downstairs on the lawn (outside my window) at least every hour with his dog [Pendleton] and spends the WHOLE TIME calling and shouting after him.

"Pendleton. Come here, Pendleton."
"Here, boy. Come here."
"NO! Pendleton, NO. NO, Pendleton."
"Come here boy, come stand by me."
"Pendleton. Come stand by daddy."
"Look, Pendleton. Pendleton look! PENDLETON!"
"wheet-wheet-wheet!!" (You will recognize this as the Universal Dog Whistle, which an old boss of mine once tried to use with me. It did not go over well.)

And on and on and on and on.

Right now there's a another woman downstairs calling and clapping and whistling for HER dog. Why don't they just put them on a LEASH if they have "coming when called" problems? Those poor animals are probably all neurotic by now. I'm thinking it's because their owners are pretty much using their dogs as an attention-getting mechanism. And if no one hears you shouting for your dog then what's the point?

Of course, it's all going to backfire when I throw my new toaster oven off the balcony at their heads.

ps. It's my birthday tomorrow! I'm turning 29, which is the age I plan to stay for at least the next few years.


Mrs. Hass-Bark said... [reply]

Happy Birthday! (A day early, because let's be honest, I'll probably forget tomorrow.)

Also, I have definitely been that dog owner out there yelling at their dog to COME HERE NOW. It's been a fairly lame attempt to teach the little beast to cooperate off-leash. I've since given up trying. She's hopeless.

Finally, don't throw your toaster oven. I have recently been introduced to the beauty of the toaster oven and I honestly think no one should be without.

abby said... [reply]

The toaster oven is one of the greatest inventions known to man besides the George Foreman Grill. I agree with Mrs. H-B don't throw it out the window.

With no public library jobs, you may have to go into marketing. I know someone who did that, but if corporate isn't your thing two part jobs sometimes make a whole. :)

Happy 29...now and forever. You got married in the nick of time in your 20s.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Why, oh why did you quit? Was it a condition of employment that if you got married you had to find employment elsewhere? What is going to happen now that there is one less super librarian in this world?

Saxon said... [reply]

Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

jeri said... [reply]

I think you should find another appliance to throw out the window. Do you have something useless and/or outdated, like a VCR, cassette deck or combination foot-bath/salsa maker? Throw that instead. You can do bruscetta in your toaster oven.

Happy 29th, and here's to many, many more!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Anon, I had to quit because I was moving 100 miles south. Even if they DID pay me enough to cover the gas, there is a nasty, canyon between my old job and my new apartment. No amount of money could get me to traverse that thing twice a day every day.

No worries, I will find a librarian job through which to rule the world. I just need some cash before then. ;-)

Nemesis said... [reply]

To those who expressed concern at the toaster oven idea, you are so right. It sprang to mind because it's heavy. But I would never really do anything to harm it. Lucky for me my laptop is doing that "Look at me, I'm a black slab" thing again (some more). So I think we have our candidate!

amyjane said... [reply]

Hurray for staying 29! I'm planning to turn 29 for the next two years, and then Sean and I will turn 30 together three years from now. You're welcome to join us if you like!

Anonymous said... [reply]

There are some positions open at the Draper Library. And PLUS it'd be close to part of your extended family (yours truly... a part of the Travis Anderson Clan).
Oh and Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Some proof...


Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Oo . . . I hope you get one of those cool HDOAS hats. Even if you are over-qualified for the job, maybe you could just get a hat.

My mom has been 29 for nearly 30 years . . . though the math gets a little fuzzy because I've been 29 myself for a while now.

PS Sarah Palin fired a librarian when she was mayor over a disagreement about books that the librarian refused to ban. I thought you'd like that little muffin.

Natalie said... [reply]

I know how those dog owners feel - I am a woman with disobedient children. They never listen. It has become a marathon-like event getting them out of our neighborhood pool. I am sure that it is very annoying to the other swimmers. I refuse to take my children to the pool any longer, and if I had a toaster oven, I would throw it at them. But then someone would call DCFS.

I checked Davis County for librarian openings. Sorry, there are none.

I hope you have a happy birthday. Make yourself something lovely in the toaster oven.

April said... [reply]

Ugh! Now I *really* don't like Sarah Palin!

Second, aren't there leash laws in your area? Or is there just a fenced-in yard for the dogs to run around in? My neighbor lets her dog bark all day long. #*$^%)!

Happy birthday! Hope it's filled with chocolate and husband-y things!

cooldad said... [reply]


The Palin firing of a librarian...interesting that there was just an interview on NPR with some liberal left wing nut jobs that have no love for Ms. Palin but praised her for not interfering in the public library offerings or staff even though she had expressed concern of about some objectional content.

I'm wondering which is the truth.

Audra & Levi said... [reply]

Maybe the guy saw the girl once with her dog... so everytime he is out he is being extra loud so that maybe she will hear and bring her dog out as an excuse to see him and vise versa... but they never seem to do it at the right time... and then one day magically she hears the muffled sound of "PENDELDON, COME BACK HERE!" and she say "That's him!" and rushes out with her dog, their eyes meet, they marry, their dogs marry and have 101 puppies. Something like that!!!

Happy Birthday by the way!

MBC said... [reply]

Happy Birthday! And good luck with the job search.

Lady Steed said... [reply]


Hope you get to eat some sort of decadent dessert in celebration.

Throw a heavy book, not the toaster oven.

Also, I too am thinking about remaining 29 for the next few years. I am not yet ready for 30.

Rachie said... [reply]

You know what I think would be entirely entertaining? If YOU started shouting for Pendleton out your window to mess with Pendleton's owner. And maybe a newer, friendlier (or not so much) voice would actually make Pendleton (mostly his owner) move... you know... out of the complex. I have a problem with a new puppy next door who's owners leave him outside barking for 2 hour increments. My husband yelled "SHUT UP ALREADY!" out the back door and they stopped leaving him outside. Victory is sweet.

And happy 29th! May it be as awesome as messing with neighbors!!

Pie said... [reply]

I have a vast dislike of puppies, quite a horror of them.

I am a scourge of puppies.

Woe betide any puppy who ventures into my society.

Jaime said... [reply]

Happy Birthday, my friend! I hope you have a very happy day. :)

Ann-Marie said... [reply]

Happy Birthday!

BEFore said... [reply]

Happy Birthday. And toaster-throwing day. Or whatever it turns out to be.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Cool Dad - don't know if this answers your question about the truth of Palin and the librarian, but here's an article about it:


Edgy said... [reply]

I thought I was going to be helpful today (while doing my own job search) and point you to a Library Manager position in Draper posted on the county website.

But Shelbi beat me to it. Probably ages ago.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Thanks to Shelbi and Edgy for pointing out the Draper job opening. Unfortunately it looks like I don't have the number of years of experience they're asking for. And I know from sad experience w/this particular system that if you're off that number by even 3 months they will terminate your application. Le sigh. My hope is that they'll hire someone from within the system and then THEIR job will open up. Cross fingers!

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