Conversation between cultured individuals of taste and refinement

(also known as me and my sister, who are both undergoing cell phone surgery)

Jenny: This is going to be my new phone number on like Monday.

Me: Cool, remind me on Monday.
Also I have no more text messages.

Jenny: Yeah no. I am telling you now.
So you can enter it or store it away somewhere.

Me: blahhhhh

Me: Okay. It is saved under Butt Sniffer.

Jenny: hahahah
Your number is saved under cheap ho.

me: Sweet!

Because hey, like I can argue with that. I did just get rid of text-messaging while burning furniture legs for warmth and wearing fishnet thigh-highs and nothing else.

I'm merging my phone and GH's into a barest-bones Family Share plan so that not only can we stop spending $100+ a month (on PHONES! SERIOUSLY!) but that our cell phones, too, can be United in Luurve.


lilcis said... [reply]

Do you have a contract with your current provider? When I signed up for a family plan my contract with Sprint had expired. So I checked around for who had the best rate, which at that time was T-mobile. I didn't want to switch to them because their coverage is pretty bad in our area. But I called Sprint and told them I wanted to cancel my plan so that I could sign up for T-mobile's family plan. The immediately transfered me to another department. I told them the same thing, they verified T-mobile's offer, and then beat it by a huge amount. I think T-mobile was offering 800 shared minutes for $70 per month. Sprint gave me 1200 shared minutes (plus unlimited Nights & weekends) for $60/month. Plus two new phones, of course.

So, you know, work that angle if you can.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hot dang. GH is actually locked into T-Mobile for at least another year so we just went with their cheapest family plan ($60 for 700min). But that is SUCH a good idea for a year from now when it's time to start with the threats. Awesome . . .

daltongirl said... [reply]

T-Mobile won't play that game. They'll just tell you they really wish you would stay with them, and then proceed to give you a crap deal that's not even as good as the one you'd get if you signed up all over again. And no free new phones, unless you want the stupid ones. Trust me on this.

And then when you tell them you're leaving for the six hundredth time, they'll just say, "Okay. Bye."

Just changed your name in my address book to "cheap ho." It puts you closer to the beginning of the alphabet.

Iggy Bloggit said... [reply]

wow, no texting? if i had to choose between giving up that or my firstborn i'd have to at least think about it

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