Today's very important lesson

When you bring yogurt to work, do not use one of the work spoons from the break room cupboard to eat it.

Because maybe whoever washed that spoon last time did not so much get all the coffee taste off of it. And so when you're eating your yogurt you're wondering why it tastes so very disgusting and coffee-like and if THAT'S the trade-off you make when you choose non-fat yogurt sweetened with fruit juice rather than sugar. Because if so, you're heading right back to Yoplait with their high fructose corn syrup and their artificial colors made from crushed bugs (not even kidding). Only once you take the spoon out and and give an experimental lick at the carton with your tongue you realize that it actually tastes fine. And that you can keeping living the non-sugar, non-bug-guts yogurt dream.

Happy Friday!


Audra and Levi said... [reply]

Now... that gets me thinking:

If beetles occur in nature, would it therefore be considered an "all natural" food coloring rather than an "artificial" food coloring?

And we as a society have no problems eating a cow... why not a beetle?

Will I continue to eat Yoplait yogurt even though I know it has led to the demise of many female beetles and their future spawn?

And will I tell my newly Vegitarian sister-in-law about this to make her even more paranoid about the animal byproducts in her food just to watch her squirm and see if she quits eating yogurt?

Thanks for the lesson Eugene! It gives me lots to ponder!

Natalie said... [reply]

About that spoon - coffee drinkers usually just lick 'em off and put them right back in the drawer. But, maybe because the taste was so strong, they forgot to lick this time.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

YUM . . . Yoplait . . . .

Anonymous said... [reply]

Don't you know that high fructose corn syrup is made from corn, and is ok in moderation. (i know your rolling your eyes, but somebody had to say it) God bless low fat bugless yogurt, and America.

Iggy Bloggit said... [reply]

good to know the asians do not have the corner on the bug consumption market

MadMadameMim said... [reply]

That bug die was actually featured in one of those new investigative dramas, I think it was The Mentalist. The bug die reacted with some fertilizer and killed people. Probably wouldn't really happen but it was an interesting way to get the word out on bug guts floating around in our food. I personally took comfort in knowing I have never like good & plenty or Yoplait. Now I'll have to check all my foods for bug guts. Blagh!

Anonymous said... [reply]

Has America really only just discovered where red food colouring comes from? My mother told me when I was young (about 35 years ago)and colouring some glace icing for cup cakes,that cochineal colouring came from beetles. The little red bottle stayed on the shelf after that until it was dry!

Jenny said... [reply]

Have you seen those stupid pro corn syrup commercials from the Corn Grower's Society of American or whoever? I am so tired of people pushing crap that is bad for you, or telling you it will help the economy if you do it.

Corn Syrup and sugar are different and not the same and do different things to your body. One article calls HFCS 'sugar on crack'. The fructose causes your body to to produce leptin and because it is so overused in the US people are creating a resistance to it and the effects on the body are that it produces more fat cells and makes you think you aren't hungry. It's bad. Normal sugar doesn't do that.

Not that I'm saying eat buttloads of sugar and not corn syrup. I also read you shouldn't eat a food if HFCS is one of the top 4 or 5 ingredients.

Freaking corn growers. Grumble grumble...

Lippy said... [reply]

Hey there,
I learned really quickly about using office utensils when one co-worker recently was observed washing a spoon, which consisted of a quick rinse under the faucet. Ungood.

So now I have to read a bit more about buggy yogurt before I indulge in my next container.

april said... [reply]

are we suppose to thank you for this post? there are times when ignorance really is bliss, so "thanks" for that bug-yogurt info. i'll sleep so much better tonight.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I seriously don't see what the deal is about the bugs. Why is that even gross?

Especially when you're already eating a product where the main ingredient was pumped through the udder of a cow and processed by live, teeming bacteria??? Don't get me wrong, I love yogurt. My point is- what's your point?

Nemesis said... [reply]

Hey Audra, I bet you WILL tell your sister. Because you're a minx like that. I actually don't have some philosophical objection to eating bugs, but I think it's cheap that food companies get to write in things like "artificial color" or "Red #4" or "natural flavor" rather than telling us what we're actually eating.

Natalie, yeah. It happened twice so I now know to just bring my own! (Especially after Lippy's particularly ungood observations. Yick!!)

Anon #1, my sister just tackled the HFCS question below so I won't bother. But yes! Bless us all! :-)

Indee, Iggy. Indeed.

MadMadameMim, I don't know how we even go about checking for something like that, unfortunately. :-(

Anon #2, you and your mom were totally ahead in the game. My hat is off to you.

April, just consider it a little extra dose of protein! Sleep well . . .

Anon #3, you assume here that I HAVE a point. I don't really, I seldom do. Except if I did it would be that coffee spoons are gross.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Do you know where hotdogs come from? I would rather eat beetle food coloring.

april said... [reply]

nemesis, thanks for getting my sarcasm/humor. i forget that writing sometimes doens't allow people to see when you're joking. in all honesty, we sleep on bugs, i've heard litle bugs make it into our cereal, etc... i don't think it's a big deal and feel we have an immune system and waste removal system in our bodies for a reason. that said, i have never been able to bring myself to read "the jungle" because just having my friend read it and tell me something made me not eat ground meat for years. i guess when i'm ready to be a vegetarian, i'll read that one.

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