Well THAT was exciting

So I was really, really surprised and impressed by how many people commented on that last post. I was expecting it to a) be ignored, which is fine, or b) become a bashing session, which is not so much. Thanks to everyone who made the discussion so much more constructive and inspiring.

Now we can get back to the part where I point things out and we all laugh and make fun of them.


kristenhcubed said... [reply]

I loved your last post but I have to add one thing about the puppies and kitties issue. I am also glad that the election is over because it means there will be other stuff on t.v. now but I noticed this morning that the TOP news segment on two different networks' morning show was "What kind of dog the Obamas should get to take to the White House". BARF!

Anonymous said... [reply]

They should get one of those bald cats, you know for the hypoallergenic aspect.

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