So help me, I had better not die in the next 8 weeks because it's just about to get good

It is official.

Today they are aerating the lawns of the apartment complex. This to me is a happy thing because it means spring is coming. The downside is that I now have to watch my step even more carefully because it will be hard to distinguish between the soil pellets and the dog poop, of which there is a healthy amount in this rather dog-friendly complex of ours. Just so you get where I'm coming from on this, we have St. Bernards living here. You think about that.

And then on the way home from grocery shopping I swear I saw daffodils in someone's yard. I couldn't pull over to inspect because it would have caused a traffic accident, which to me does not seem the best herald of spring.

But then, THEN, as I pulled into my apartment complex I saw this:

And then this:

Kidding you not, this is the Best Moment of the Year for me, which is probably why I can't help myself from getting photographic evidence that OH MY GOSH WE JUST MIGHT MAKE IT.

Spring rules. Am just waiting for someone to toss a baby lamb in my path, which would make my bliss complete.


Anonymous said... [reply]

I must send you pictures of my own garden in the UK tomorrow where after the most horrible, cold and wet winter spring actually lives. Where daffodils of a good height and bloom live!

Audra said... [reply]

Our Crocus flowers are up and happy... well, they were... but it has been raining for 4 days strait so they are closed up... it fascinates me how they open and close. The point is... I really wanted to take a pic for my blog as the first sign of spring, but they have been all closed up!

But I am rejoicing as well!

Giggles said... [reply]

I've been seeing bunnies and quail for a while now. And some of the flowers have already bloomed and gone too. But of course we were in the 80s today.

Holly said... [reply]

I hate Giggles. Nothing personal but where I live there was a week of upper 50s and then we got 8 inches of snow. craaaap, this winter will never end.

Except spring is coming and now all those 8 inches will melt in our 60+ expected this week so the town will flood.

I love Eastern Washington.

Anonymous said... [reply]

Yeah giggles, what the crap???

If it snows again, I may kill some people. Why? Because I live up on Hill Air Force Base in the Layton area and they think that plowing the flight line for the jets is more important than plowing MY street. Psh. Seriously though... it's been the longest winter ever. Your pictures give me hope.

coolmom said... [reply]

Would a leg of lamb help? It's 17 degrees here and it snowed some more today. But the sun is up over the mountains making it warm enough to walk the dog in the afternoons so I'm not griping too much.

JustMe said... [reply]

My daffodils have already bloomed - and faded. The "popcorn" trees are breathtaking, and everything else is about to bloom. There is no place that spring is more beautiful than in the south.

Sorry - I just had to gloat.

Jenny said... [reply]

I'm hoping nobody takes you up on your wish to have a baby lamb thrown into your path... with St. Bernards and freshly aerated grass, it might become that leg-o-lamb someone else mentioned.
But Happy Spring!

Carly said... [reply]

I get a lot of crap from people about the fact that I hate winter and yet am from Alaska... Hello people, that's probably the number one reason why I hate it!

Anyway, I too am glad Spring is on it's way! And did you happen to see the Bachelor give his son a baby lamb on the final episode... kind of a weird present for a 5 year old.

heidikins said... [reply]

Consider the lamb tossed. I think there should be some sort of holiday surrounding that, actually. The Annual Lamb Toss. It'll be epic.


hannah said... [reply]

My lilies are starting to come up! I am so excited! This winter was way too long...

Giggles said... [reply]

For those of you who would rather be where I am, just remember that we're going to start hitting the nineties soon and the hundred degree weather won't be far behind, and will last till at least September.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Taking back the Giggles hate right now. The only thing I dislike worse than being too cold is being too hot.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Julie, I would love to see your pictures. It will surely make me homesick for Lboro where daffodils just bloomed in masses wherever they felt like it.

emandtrev said... [reply]

I couldn't agree with your title more. Bring on the beautiful weather!

Giggles said... [reply]

I cooked for the missionaries tonight and had to turn on the air conditioner a bit before they got here. :(

But my pansies are bloomin'! I have bloomin' pansies! My pot garden is doing well.

JustMe said... [reply]

Giggles - should you really be posting about growing pot?


Jill said... [reply]


april said... [reply]

spring is in the east too!!!! we had 8 inches of snow on march 2nd but it was all melted away within a week and now it's gorgeous out. in like a lion, out like a lamb has never been so true (at least, i hope so as there is still quite a few days left in march.)

and "there'll be no butter in hell" is the best. movie. line. ever.

april said... [reply]

oh, and st. bernard's, really? that might have been TMI, but that's for that image.

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