Best thing I've read all week

My new guilty pleasure is Not Always Right, where I get to read about customer service interactions that are (sometimes) worse than the ones I get to be a part of. It also occasionally makes me think that the aliens probably should just head on over and enslave us all, because holy cow we are a stupid race. This one the other day was priceless.

(A woman came up to my counter in the clothing store I work in. She has a very distressed look on her face.)

Me: “How can I help you this morning?”

Customer: “What is this red sticker on the tag of this dress?”

Me: “That is a clearance sticker. That dress is 40% off.”

Customer: “But I was here yesterday and it wasn’t on clearance! I’ve
been eying that dress for weeks!”

Me: “Well, today is your lucky day - it went on clearance this morning.”

Customer: “I can’t buy it on clearance. Can you take that red sticker off the tag?"

Me: “Are you going to buy this dress?”

Customer: “I’m going to buy it once you take off that red tag. I don’t want to pay the clearance price.”

Me: “Even if I remove the sticker the register will still ring it up at clearance price.”

Customer: “Do I look like I’m the type to buy a dress on clearance?”
*holds the dress up dramatically*

Me: “Are you planning on buying this dress?”

Customer: “Are you planning on taking off that red sticker?”

Me: “Not until you pay for it.”

Customer: “You don’t understand my world.”

Am now going to start ending conversations with a deep sigh and a, "You don't understand my world." What made this extra awesome is that it happened in the world of Utah. Any chance the customer was TAMN?


BEFore said... [reply]

I stumbled across Not Always Right a few weeks ago... and spent the next 3 days reading the entire archives. (Alternating between laughing and shaking my head in amazement.)

I wish I could meet that woman. I'd be glad to offer her some philanthopic opportunities to give her money to me.

JustMe said... [reply]

I love that web site! Its always good for a laugh until you realize that most of those really stupid people are driving.

Kelly said... [reply]


That makes me think of an interaction I had once with a socialite woman. She and I and another woman were talking and me and woman 3 were discussing great places to find sales on things. Socialite woman looked completely befuddled and after a moment says, "Oh, I don't really care about getting things on sale. I'm a retail girl."

Who SAYS that?

Taren said... [reply]

ooh, thank you for introducing me to this website. we are going to be great friends. because I LOVE customers!

Noelle said... [reply]

That is awesome. Thanks for the tip on the website, I have a feeling this will become a new daily read for me. :) I wonder what percentage of the world won't buy an item just because it went on clearance. That is just plain sad.

megs said... [reply]

Baha, wow how wonderful. Can I just say that I love people? Seriously.

(sigh) apparently YOU don't understand my world :)

April said... [reply]

So if she was eyeing the dress for weeks, why didn't she just buy it *before* it was clearanced? Where's the logic?

I love NAR, too. I take a couple of weeks off then gulp them all down in one sitting.

Lola said... [reply]

I do the complete opposite of this lady. I ask if I could get it on clearance. Then I say:

"Do I look like the type to buy a dress at THIS price? You just don't understand my world of D.I. and yard sales. Ugh."

Anonymous said... [reply]

wow... why not pretend it's regular price? lame. to the max!

Musings of the Mrs. said... [reply]

I am stealing both the link (already added to my favorites) and the line "you don't understand my world." its a lot better than trying to work "In these tough economic times..." into every conversation. Love it!

daltongirl said... [reply]

I bet you a million bucks it was the former Utah PTA president. She used to compliment me on my clothes all the time, and I would delightedly tell her that I bought the item at a yard sale for .25. Then she would break out in hives. Everyone kept telling me to stop, but I couldn't. It was so much fun!

april said... [reply]

holy smokes!!! i brag to anyone who will listen when i get a deal. is there some movement to buy clothes at whole price to help the retail industry??? if so, that's insane. somehow this reminds me of the NPR blurb i listened to yesterday that was talking about how hard it is for the parparazzi to make ends meet in today's economy. i had to check and make sure the date was april 2nd, not april 1st!

Sarah said... [reply]

Aaahh yes. Have you seen this one? http://notalwaysright.com/when-library-virgins-attack/1613

jane dough said... [reply]

that last comment was me, wrong screen name.
Random, but how did you like Hunger Games?

Anonymous said... [reply]

LOL! Love it! Who are these people and who let them out of their cages?

Bean said... [reply]


You should have flicked her in the forehead.

Anonymous said... [reply]

After reading this for quite a while, I found a couple from Lagoon! They're definitely not the funniest of the bunch, but it's funny knowing idiots are walking around Utah.



Chillygator said... [reply]

I think I will start saying that every time I'm not getting my way. It will add variety to my usual of "Why don't you love me?"

Anonymous said... [reply]

I know I'm starting to sound like a weirdo being that this is my 3rd comment on this particular post, but I had to share some good links since you did:


Both of these are seriously hilarious. You must scope them!

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