So you're caring about the Earth today?

I got you beat. I care about it ALL the days. Neener.

Did not even remember today was Earth Day until I started going through my Google Reader and noticed everyone else mentioning it.

Remember that one time when we were in Elementary School and they aired that big ol' Earth Day special on TV? The one where Michael Keaton pretended to be an executive confessing to dumping toxic waste, and where Dana Delaney chewed everyone out about their water use? Yeah, it was awesome. You should go watch some of it. Here's a taste.


Nemesis said... [reply]


Best. Ever.

whyimstillsingle said... [reply]

hahaha. I had totally forgotten about this. Thank you for making my day!

Rachel said... [reply]

It looks like they spent all of their production money on star power rather than writers. Oh, and sets.

cooldad said... [reply]

I may never forgive you for that first video. Once Barbara Streisand started to sing, my head exploded and my brains started to leak from my ears. I had to turn it off.

abby said... [reply]
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abby said... [reply]

You can tell I went to school in the early 90s in NJ because I never ever saw this.

Audra said... [reply]

My husband shared your sentiment of Barbara cooldad.... he can't stand her!

I did not remember it was Earth day, but my kids woke up all excited about it. Especially my Ethiopian kids. They have had so many big holidays lately I think they were hoping Earth Day came with gifts, bunnies, silly clothes or something.

Nolan wanted to drive around and pick up trash. I had 1001 things to do yesterday, but maybe today.

megs said... [reply]

it's earth day? humph, maybe i'll throw my trash away then... or reuse it. ew.


april said... [reply]

ok, somehow i never saw this. i was thinking i must have been on a mission when you all were in elementary school, so i looked it up, and turns out i was a senior in high school (when you all were in elementary school) and i was a member of the environmental and social issues club, so not quite sure how i missed it (or how effective our club was for that matter.) (BTW- have i ever mentioned how i'm queen of the run-on sentence!)

on the barbara streisand thing, i have to say that one time my hubby and i went to this ward activity where you had to fill out info. about yourself before you entered. they would use this info to introduce people when they would call them up to participate in the activities. i guess my husband and i are the only ones who totally lied and went for humor. for his favorite music, we put "anything by barbara streisand." after i was called up, i had people admitting to me how they loved that "song by kiss" too. (i don't even remember the name of the song my husband put down for me.)

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