Stay on target

My weekend starts in exactly 2.5 hours and I could not be more excited. I really need me some weekend.

GH claims that back when we used to work at the same library, back when I was just his boss and also occasionally the girl who stomped on his heart in cruel, cruel ways, he could always tell which week of the month was Danger Week. And that sometimes he and the rest of the staff would discuss it, and warn each other of when to lie low. I am going to choose to believe that he is making this up.

Whether or NOT it was true in the past, this week has absolutely been Danger Week. First ever, I am sure. Some of these kids (and adults) don't even know how close they came to death, and some of my colleagues have wondered aloud what happened to the nice girl they used to work with, and who is this new person who is busy spitting venom into the eyes of evil-doers.

I'm pretty sure it's just hormones. Or people are just being more irritating than usual. Also there's the part where I need it to stop snowing now. And how I need the next 2.5 hours to pass in, like, 15 minutes. Because then the world will be a whole lot safer.


Taren said... [reply]

thank the high heavens it's friday!

april said... [reply]

gh and his stories, really. (although they are fun to read about.) as now it's saturday, hope you are enjoying yourself and that the snow is melting and evaporating like crazy.

sarah said... [reply]

i love how you call it 'danger week'. :) heeheehee

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