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The good news is I'm not working today. The bad news is I am working tomorrow. Special. So today I'm left to my own devices and I think it will be a "get the work done" day.

I have actually been making great(ish) strides at decluttering the apartment and keeping it tidy. I'm trying to tackle one thing at a time, lest I fall into my usual habit. (Usual habit = get twelve projects started, lose interest in all of them, leave projects lying around on floor, trip on project at some point and kill self.)

Maybe if I report my progress here it will make me feel a bit more accountable. For instance, am dying to show you pictures of my gorgeous balcony garden which has been in place for nearly a week now and has not. even. died!!! But first I need to finish potting the last few things and get the camera batteries charged. And maybe get some baby ducklings up here for the cuteness factor.

Am also v. excited about the fabric I bought to cover my rocker/glider cushions. Have not actually covered said cushions yet, but instead have the fabric draped over them in an "I'll get to it and maybe you won't even notice the difference until then or maybe ever" sort of way. Possibly in my head I'm waiting for Cicada to just turn up at my house and cover them in exchange for lunch or pie. (It could even be both!)

Went through the desk drawers, hauled everything out, and reorganized in an o-so-pleasing manner. Encouraged by all the created space, I would like to do this in the kitchen cupboards and under the bathroom sink, which by now have probably morphed into portals which lead to another dimension where tiny, evil, breath-sucking trolls live. Except right now I'm sort of in a mood where I would almost rather throw something away than find a place for it. Don't know if that's a bad frame of mind to be doing decluttering in or if it's actually a really, really, really good one.

Also, I have absolutely no plans for Memorial Day. None. I have the day off but GH doesn't, so he'll go to work Sunday night and spend all of Monday sleeping. Can anyone please give me some ideas? (Update: My sister Jenny just reminded me that I am quite possibly brain damaged because she'll be back in town by then and that we're actually spending Monday together. Yay!)


John Dent said... [reply]

How about you spend Monday actually doing those projects? Just sayin'.


Sit in front of the TV watching period dramas eating Brie sammiches. That's what bank holiday weekends are for, right?

Nemesis said... [reply]

Oooooh, John. I'm loving that second idea. Maybe that's what I should be doing today . . .

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

I did this last week with all the windows open to let in the lovely spring breeze. I felt so self-righteous.

"Friday is a special day, its the day we get ready for working on Saturday!"

John Dent said... [reply]

this may not help with the whole "independent ab-flab" thing, but take a look at this blog:

Mrs. Clark said... [reply]

Read one of Don Aslett's books. That will probably convince you to throw out rather than find a place for stuff.

Audra said... [reply]

Love Don Aslett too... probably should re-read his stuff myself!

You can do it Nem!

The Charm said... [reply]

Nem - have you seen awkwardfamilyphotos.com? You must check out immediately!!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Ohhhhh, The Charm. Oh my. My life is now about one million times richer. And now I know exactly how I will one day commemorate my first pregnancy.Bless you.

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