Making GH love me a little less, right here

I was going to blog about how happy I am that this week is the finale week for so many television shows. When expressing this to GH, however, he became angry and informed me that I was no longer invited to the Lost finale party we are attending at Rice.and.Mr.Pudding's home in Ogden this evening.

Well, fudge.

(Except I quite like the Rice Puddings, so will not let GH's bad attitude deprive me of their company.)

Tried to explain to him that with that big chunk of time soon-to-be cleared out of our (his) schedule, there are so many other things we can do together. He can use the Time Formerly Known as 24/ House/ Prison Break/ Supernatural/ Smallville/ Chuck/ Fringe/ Dollhouse/ Whatever Else is On Time to do things like search for a new job and build up his portolio and turn me on by vacuuming and counter-top-cleaning.

And then together we can use the Lost/HIMYM/The Office/30 Rock Time to go to the gym and lose the "I Got Married and So Now Fat Just Flies Out of the Ether and Sticks to Me and That Is the Only Possible Explanation" weight. This just irritated GH even more, because this to him is called "trading good things like TV in for crappy things like exercise." He is, of course, correct in stating that exercise is crap. I, however, maintain that cardiovascular health, a healthy Body Mass Index, more energy, and the wickedawesome leg muscles that come to me in a ridiculously short amount of time upon beginning a workout are the opposite of crap.

(Please don't ask about my abs though. I will possibly never have those, ever, in life, or anything approaching them. It is a tragedy.)

So anyway. Yay for finale season!

UPDATE: For those who have been following shows this year, what are you going to do with your new free time? (Besides cry and go into withdrawals at the same support facility as GH, of course.)


CoolBoy said... [reply]

I'm telling you (wo)man, the trick is just finding a physical activity that you enjoy doing. It's all downhill from there, because it is no longer "exercising" but "going for a run", "listening to podcasts while also on a bike", or "kicking the crap out of these noobs in racquetball".

Or...you could always just get WiiFit or DDR. But I think GH is smart enough to see through the novelty.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I hope he doesn't find new shows to replace exercise time now that all the other shows are ending. I'm curious how anyone is still watching Prison Break though. I used to love it (because Wentworth Miller melts my face right off) but then it got so incredibly boring that I couldn't bring myself to do it anymore... Wentworth or no Wentworth. Good luck to you... and just know that I will never have abs in my lifetime either.

Jenny said... [reply]

I thought I could never have awesome abs. Then I discovered pilates and it turns out you can have nice abs, you just have to cry lots in order to get them.

Azúcar said... [reply]

Use this time to explain provident living in a way he'll understand: You've got to have tube storage on your DVR. I've got half a season of several shows I watch plus a bunch of Masterpiece Mysteries.

That's right, Kenneth Branaugh is waiting for me.

coolmom said... [reply]

Or you could instate our family rule. "All TV watching must be done on exercise equipment". You guys would be buff in no time.

coolmom said... [reply]

Or is that "while" on excercise equipment. And it must be moving. Not just someone hunched over the rail.

Nemesis said... [reply]

Coolboy, you are presupposing that there ARE physical activities we enjoy doing. But GH has said the only time he is ever able to be active on a regular basis is when he has TV to watch at the same time. Which, luckily, the gyms have.

Z's wife, no clue about the Prison Break thing. I watched a couple episodes and was done.

Jenny, I don't love the crying. Will have to see about that.

Azucar, don't get GH started on my Masterpiece stuff. I have some Masterpiece Contemporaries from October that I haven't watched yet . . .

Mom, you've seen our living room. Ain't no place for exercise equipment there (operational or non).

Lady Susan said... [reply]

"'I Got Married and So Now Fat Just Flies Out of the Ether and Sticks to Me and That Is the Only Possible Explanation' weight."

Have been experiencing that as well, which is why I have instituted "project slimdown." Loosing those 10 pounds is fiscally sounder than buying new pants. It doesn't really help that the husband has the metabolism of a humming bird. *glares*

Nemesis said... [reply]

Lady Susan, yeah. At first I thought it was because I was cooking too many comfort foods and desserts, but I stopped that and it hasn't helped. So the last resort is to be found in exertion, I think.

Nerd Goddess said... [reply]

Watch illegally uploaded videos of other, older shows on YouTube, of course.

goddessdivine said... [reply]

Part of me will be glad to have American Idol over. It's like I feel obligated to squeeze it into my busy schedule. (And boy does it get squeezed in sometimes). And I have a few Apprentice episodes on DVR. I'm totally behind.

Ah, but then there's Burn Notice starting up again in June. Luckily it's only an hour.....and I'll have some time off!

I like coolmom's idea: Putting a TV in front of the exercise equipment (or putting exercise equipment in front of the TV). Now I just need to get the equipment......

goddessdivine said... [reply]

Also, I don't get the Lost obsession either.

Jenny said... [reply]

I am going to read more books and bake more unhealthy food now that I have 2 extra hours per week.

Dave said... [reply]

We don't watch TV in our house, Plucky. Except for My Name Is Earl. We aren't savages.

Giggles said... [reply]

I've discovered Hulu, particularly Nova on Hulu. Watched five hours worth on Saturday. Felt totally educated! So I'll be watching Nova during the summer because summer shows are generally not worth it for me.

I also like that because of the internet I do not have to completely plan my life around a tv schedule any more.

But then, season 7 of 24 is coming out on DVD next week. So we'll be watching that as soon as it arrives in the mail too.

Anonymous said... [reply]

I think the title says it all. C'mon married people, there has to be at least ONE activity he's willing to do without the tv on *ahem ahem*. How about more of that, or maybe a marathon? The apartment may be small, but surely you can come up with a good obstacle course or something. Have it be the Summer Steeple Chase.

(word verification NOT MAKING THIS UP AT ALL: uncome)

Crystal said... [reply]

There are other people that watch Dollhouse? I thought it was just me. I thought that's why it wasn't getting renewed. Good to know my favorite librarian is watching what I watch.

Audra said... [reply]

I love my idol, but I and PASSIONATELY IN LOVE with So You Think You Can Dance... which starts immediately after Idol. The summer also bring America's Funnies Home Video re-runs and we watch this as a family every Sunday while eating the best home-made cookies... so that will be replaced by Wipeout... which my kids have been asking to watch since last summer. So I am replacing TV with... TV... and a new business. I forsee my TV watching to go down in the next few weeks.

The Stancliff Family said... [reply]

Well, I admittedly have been watching way too much TV in the evening. HOWEVER, I don't feel terribly guilty because whenever we have a baby, I do a lot of sitting on the couch while I am feeding the baby. With TWO babies to nourish, my couch time has doubled. Why not watch a little Chuck, Lie to Me, The Office and 30 Rock?? I'm just multi-tasking, right? (By the way, those are my favorite shows, in that order, and I will miss them TERRIBLY over the summer.)

Rice.and.Mr.Pudding said... [reply]

GH will have harsh words for me, but I have to agree with you. Personally, I need that break from the onslaught of scripted TV. I still watch a show or two during the summer, but it's usually things on DVD that I never got around to when they were on the air, like Angel or Buffy. Right now, we have shows we watch EVERY NIGHT. I love my TV, and I do wish that Lost didn't go away for most of the year, but sometimes you just need to step away for awhile.

When GH and I were in high school, we had one semester where we took every class together except for one. So we saw each other all day, every day. Now... I love GH, but enough was enough. Christmas break came, and we didn't call each other even once during those 3 weeks. I was sick of looking at him and he felt the same way. Once the break was over and we went back to school, we were bosom buddies again. We just needed a detox. The summer TV break does the same things for me. It makes the fall series return that much sweeter, like a second honeymoon.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Plantboy and I both had a moment where we actually cried during the L O S T season finale last night. Really. It. Was. That. Good. I could have done without the Jack-Sawyer ultimate death match that turned out to have no purpose other than two kill five minutes and bloody everybody up. Oh, and it won't be back on until 2010.

There is also only one more week of Simon Baker, I mean the Mentalist. *Sigh* We were into Life--it ended almost a month ago, and I've gotten hooked on Castle also. Not sure when it wraps up.

GH should check out Leverage on TBS. It has new episodes starting soon.

emandtrev said... [reply]

I am a fan of LOST as well. Loved the finale last night...

april said... [reply]

i can only have one show a week that i must watch. (if i had DVR this would probably be different). in the fall/winter, it's "amazing race" and in the summer it's "so you think you can dance". i watch other shows (the office, 30 rock, chuck, samantha who - please don't get cancelled), but will not tie myself down to their schedule and will just catch up online when i miss an episode. this gives my husband free reign on most other nights, but i tell you, i am fierce when it is my one hour show time. one time he started flipping channels at the end of "amazing race" and didn't make it back in time for me to see my scenes for next week; boy was i seething mad. he's never made that mistake again!!! (although i'd like to think i've mellowed now that amazing race is online.)

oh, and i do love PBS mysteries. but i don't love them all, so sometimes get out of the habit of seeing them. i would be in t.v. heaven if i could afford BBC America - MI-5, what not to wear ladies, mysteries, monarch of the glen and a bunch of shows that i have on my netflix queue but haven't seen yet(extras, robin hood, and some little britian with my hands crossed that it doesn't get too crude etc...)

Anonymous said... [reply]

I'm pretty sure I've found the solution to your problem... EA Sports is coming out with a new wii game called Active (out May 19th). Google it... the videos look pretty great. So there you have it - work out together while watching the TV screen and it looks challenging and fun. If they added some british accents it'd be perfection.

chosha said... [reply]

I'll be using it to write more and do some t-shirt designs. I have lots of ideas I haven't gotten down yet.

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