Why I haven't blogged yet this week

a. I am newly pregnant with triplets and have decided to start the bed rest early.
b. I got mauled by a bear in the Samurai Sushi parking lot on Girl's Day and have been in the hospital.
c. I foolishly agreed to take on a freelance editing project (like a fool) and so am spending every spare minute working on it.

Which do you think it is?

But yes, I made it home from Alaska safely, if not sanely. I think I'm getting too old for this redeye [stuff]. I was a complete zombie by the time I made it home, approximately 102 hours after I left my parents' house. But I guess I did have it easier than my b-in-law, who is driving a car down from Alaska this very minute through bear-infested lands. Please cross fingers that he doesn't get eaten.


coolmom said... [reply]

I choose number 1.

Audra said... [reply]

A.... I choose A! That way you will be a little less than 1/2 way to me ;)!

Saxon said... [reply]

oh I was going to go for B

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Of course it is C.

If it was triplets, you would have already started a new blog and would be negotiating the tv rights. Because, yeah, raising your kids on cable television is highly stabilizing influence. And if if was B, you would have already started a new blog and would be negotiating the tv rights. Because the only thing more interesting than watching a really annoying couple raise their litter is watching snarky people in survival situations.

Nookleerman said... [reply]

I'm convinced it's the first one and you just phrased in a way to make it seem outlandish.

Word Verification:arsco

It's a british company with a discreet clientel.

Desmama said... [reply]

I totally just had a dream that it was A! Not even joking! And you were due in like September (and I was like, wow, way to hide it for so long).

Marci said... [reply]

I hope hope hope it is A!!

Nemesis said... [reply]

Mom, I don't think you would actually choose that. Imagine the phone calls!

Audra, I thought of you when I wrote that. :-)

Saxon, that would have been exciting, but no. Sorry. There was an earthquake while we were in a knitting store, though!

STM, I can see you have it all figured out. :-)

Nookleerman, I suppose you'll just have to check back in 8 months . . .

Desmama, are you serious! That is too crazy. Will be refilling the bc tomorrow, because I'm not going to ignore such a warning from the universe.

Hahahah. Marci, sorry to disappoint. Although I'm sure that getting 3 cousins at once would be kind of fun for the kiddies (if this is, in fact, s-in-l Marci).

Jenny said... [reply]

Savvy started up again about not having enough cousins, and then Ethan chimed in about how he just wants A BOY COUSIN...

Ed is in Seattle now, so I think he's safe from the bears now. Also, he forgot to go back to the store for your chocolate and is afraid you're going to kill him. I was like, no she won't kill you but she'll love you less.

jeri said... [reply]

In the Suburban vs. Bear face-off, I think Ed might have the advantage.

Nemesis said... [reply]


Well, he IS bringing me a piano. And pianos trump chocolate, lucky for him.

Jeri, you're true. That is how I would choose to see bears--through the windows of a Suburban.

april said... [reply]

i was going to go with A, but i like STM's comment too much now. i'll back her up with C.

your trip to alaska looked fun. i have to admit, i had to click on the pic of you and GH. the reason? i had to see if you were wearing Chacos! if those were indeedy Chaco flip-flops & i believe they were, my admiration for you has doubled. i love those shoes! although then i read through some of the old posts you suggested - one of which explains why you're not a true alaskan. in it, you state that you don't own anything from l.l.bean, helly hansen or REI. i'm guessing/hoping that's changed. to be honest, it almost seems anti-utah to not own something from REI (at least for the residents of utah who are NOT mormon). and i know you're all about keeping up with those living around you.

p.s. do you ever feel the need to edit comments?

chosha said... [reply]

I like how so many people just wished triplets on you. :)

Hope you're back to blogging soon. Would like to hear more about Alaska.

Lola said... [reply]

Fingers crossed. No worries.

Um. I would say B. But only because you would be just the kind of person to blog in the hospital after just being mauled by a bear.

goddessdivine said... [reply]

I'm going to go with A.....but an altered version. It's not triplets; it's a single bun in the oven. The morning sickness is killing you over; even attempting anything at a keyboard kindles nausea, therefore your daily activities have been kept to a minimum.

Or, secret option D: You are still mourning over Michael Jackson's death and haven't quite come to grips with it yet.

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