Ruminations upon the subject of library parents

Rumination #1: When I politely inform you that your child is too young to be left alone in the children's section, the right thing to do is to log out of your Facebook page and go read with said child. A lesser option would be to make the child sit at the computer with you while she wonders aloud what bad thing she did for the librarian to banish her from the children's area.

Rumination #2: You just now realized we have a summer reading program, 4 days before school starts? And you want to enroll your kids?

Rumination #3: I really don't think your 6-year-old actually wants the book Twilight as his summer read prize. But way to make him pick that one anyway.

Rumination #4: Why would someone pay big bucks to adopt a tiny spicy exotic baby if she was just planning to take him to the library in a few years and then ignore him while he runs out the door and into traffic? Because really, it seems like there are other ways to blow your money.

Just, you know, things I get to ponder.


Ann-Marie said... [reply]

Rumination #5-While I recognize that finding the perfect DVD is important, it would be appreciated if you could refrain from allowing your child to push on the emergency exit doors.

Stefley said... [reply]

Rumination #6- When the temperatures are blistering hot outside, this does not automatically make the library your indoor playground.

Amy said... [reply]

Ah, the joys of Summer Reading Programs. I have to admit I don't miss it. We gave out Six Flags tickets at our library and parents would return five minutes after signing up for the program to hand in their completed SRP folders.


Heidi said... [reply]

I loved #4. I got the best visual and I'm still laughing, and I totally agree with you.

Elise said... [reply]

You actually gave away books as awards for reading? I volunteered at a library over the summer and we gave away sexy puffy electronics covers and water bottles. Neither of which a six year old would find attractive.

coolmom said... [reply]

Amy, they were probably packed and the kids were waiting the car with the engine running.

Stephanie said... [reply]

mmmmmmmm tiny spicy babies. i want to order one right now.

Giggles said... [reply]

Some breeders...

Ray said... [reply]

The kids w/o supervision at our local library is the very reason I haven't been there at all this summer. Now that school's starting I think I might venture back. I cannot stand how parents let their kids run amuck. I've had to tell little girls not to pick up my one year old daughter. I don't get it. Its not about reading anymore. The library is louder than the park, that's just wrong.

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