Calling upon the universe

GH has a job interview on Monday! For a real job like real people have! Everyone please pray hard!


Taren said... [reply]

i love real jobs. i hope to have one someday. good luck!!!

Anonymous said... [reply]

So, I'll pray for your hubby if you'll tell me how to get a great deal at that resort - I wanna go!!

(Nothing like using prayer as a bartering tool, huh?)

Thanks for any help. (and good luck)

-Solesha (this is not my real name - but I wouldn't want your hundreds of fans to know I'm going to that resort - so I'm going with it this time.)

chosha said... [reply]

Great news. Good luck, GH!

Napoleon said... [reply]

Well? How did it freakin go? Gosh!

april said... [reply]

good luck. and feel better soon.

beckyww said... [reply]


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