My new favorite thing

Is when families go to the doctor and their children are diagnosed with H1N1 and are told to go home and get themselves quarantined. The family then leaves the doctor's office to go home . . .

. . . and stops by the library on the way home, where they all spend an hour choosing all the books and DVDs they'll need for the week.

Thanks for that, guys.


coolmom said... [reply]

Well, duh, how else are they supposed to entertain sick kids for a week? Share the love!

beckyww said... [reply]

I have one at home w/the swine right now. She's feeling well enough to be bored. Thanks for the great tip! Our library is close by....

Nemesis said... [reply]

Mom, I have no problem sharing the love. The problem I have is the sharing that comes from the sickies.

Jenny said... [reply]

Am trying not to think about all the cooties at the library. I think I might turn into Emma from Glee.

hannah :: sherbet blossom said... [reply]

oh, my. what an intelligent and thoughtful parent.

chosha said... [reply]

Now they just have to return the stuff while kids are still contagious and you'll be a shoe-in for time off work that you can't make any good use of. Yah...

Bridget said... [reply]

No. Way. I hope you are just guessing the situation and don't actually know for a fact that this is what happened. PLEASE.

Giggles said... [reply]

This is my new favorite thing today too! Good luck!!

Maleen said... [reply]

Sounds akin to the mom who called me last night offering to watch my children while I went to parent teacher conferences (surely in exchange for watching hers). After I told her I was all set, she happened to mention that her baby had RSV. Well, now that you mention it, of course you can watch my children. I was hoping they would get sick early this season to get the bad karma out of the way.

This is also the mom who lets her children run outside barefoot in this lovely fall weather we've been having. I have no idea how her kids get sick.

Maree said... [reply]

Please tell me you're kidding. But with the stories you tell, you probably aren't. Chicken soup, anyone?

Saxon said... [reply]

when I was on a secondment to a retail store back in July we had a kid who kept coming in saying that he was being tested for swine flu but his parents didn't want him staying at home because the longer he did the greater the chances they would catch it.

They obivously weren't bothered about us catching it though.

Sarah said... [reply]

Seriously people.

elliespen said... [reply]

I can't decide which is worse, this or the girl sitting behind me in class hacking up a lung and telling her neighbor how the doctors had tested her for pneumonia and she'd be getting the results back that afternoon. Pass the Lysol, please.

Fancy Day said... [reply]

I love the public library but you have to go in it refusing to think about the many, many disgusting things that have happened there or been done to the poor books. It would drive a person insane otherwise & I wouldn't be able to check out books if I thought too hard about it.

Keep taking vitamins!

coolmom said... [reply]

Don't you guys spray for bugs? hehe

april said... [reply]

ok, fine, i'll admit to taking a child with a fever to the library cuz i couldn't stand another day at home. let's hope i would have enough restraint if it was the swine flu.

Rynell said... [reply]

Some parents are idiots. That would make me angry.

emandtrev said... [reply]

Seriously. I have no words! Shaking my head will have to suffice...

You need to post again soon! I'm going into Nem blog withdrawal. :)

eda said... [reply]
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