The One with the Baby Pictures

Since it doesn't seem that either the baby or I will ever be leaving the house, ever, (thank you terrible snowstorms and also my fear of RSV and crusty people) I am going to post some pictures of him.

Here's what little Lord Voldemort has been up to lately:

Rocking the sleeper. Also peeing on every sleeper we put him in. Like, fountains-up-his-back peeing. It may be that I don't know how to put on a diaper. Must look into this. The low point was during Christmas at GH's family, where we went through every outfit we'd brought with us in one night and GH had to stumble down to the basement at 4am to do laundry. Good times.

Meeting his grandparents. Here he is with my mom.

And here he is with my dad, who took it personally when the child refused to burp for him and decided that he just must not be physically able to do it. (Note: he can actually burp like a trucker when he wishes to. He just doesn't wish to very often.)

Meeting uncles, aunts, cousins, and great-grandparents. We drove to Logan for Christmas and he slept the entire 2-hour car ride. Both ways. Because he is an angel straight from heaven.

Producing gas of such foul quality and stench that it makes the neighborhood dogs look around at each other and be all, "Dude. That was not me."

Growing an impressive set of jowls. (These last two pictures are from today.) Sadly, I myself am not responsible for the chub, since I finally chose sanity over breastfeeding. And yes, I feel much guilt about this, which I know is stupid and pointless but I can't help myself. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and good advice--I will be much better prepared next time around, wherein I will kick its trash.


Snow Whiteley said... [reply]

Such cute pictures! He really is a sweetheart.

Stephanie said... [reply]

Obviously, it is very time consuming being super adorable. Go Lord Voldermort!

Hope you are feeling good!

Rachael said... [reply]

1. He is absolutely adorable. 2. My sister's fetus is going by Megatron these days, so I'm hoping she'll be cool with me continuing to call the baby that after it's born. It doesn't have quite the same ring as Lord Voldemort, but it's still commanding.

Desmama said... [reply]

Yay, cute baby pictures! He's darling. *Happy sighs*

Anne said... [reply]

John just started crying when we took him away from the pictures of your little guy. I think they are destined to be buddies...if only we lived closer.

And speaking of babies bodily functions, John just spit up on Doug and then decided to add insult to injury by sneezing the stuff twice into Doug's face.

Amanda said... [reply]

Don't feel guilty about quitting breastfeeding. My mom quit with me when I was 3 months old, and I'm none the worse for it. Probably, I'm better off as, as she tells it, she was on the way to putting a pillow over my face. He's adorable.

Loni and John said... [reply]

Oh my goodness, you have yourself one cute baby! John and I seriously need to come see you guys. (Sorry that we're such slackers.) I am mightily impressed with his gaseous abilities--he can probably give John a run for his money. Burping contest, perhaps?

Lindsay said... [reply]

Whenever my baby boys started doing the whole "fountain-up-the-back" peeing, it usually meant they'd outgrown the diaper size I was putting them in. I moved a size up and problem solved. Just a thought. Pee king or not, though, he's pretty adorable.

Kimi said... [reply]

He seriously is one adorable little guy. Loving that he can burp like a trucker :)

I'm going to second what Lindsay said about upping the diaper size. Also, with my little guy, I had to make sure his little boy part was pointing down when the diaper went on, or he'd get pee everywhere.

thanks for the pictures!

Elsha said... [reply]

Agreed on the "boy part pointing down" for the diaper situation. Especially if there is pee all over the outfit and the diaper seems relatively dry. If the diaper is soaked through AND the outfit it soaked, try a size bigger diaper.

Excellent job choosing sanity. It's always the smart choice to make:) And you totally WILL kick trash next time around-- I quit breastfeeding my first at a few months after numerous ridiculous struggles but my second is still nursing and he turned 1 last week.

Lastly, he is so, SO cute!!

Señora H-B said... [reply]

He's so adorable!

Dave & Gina said... [reply]

don't feel the guilt! He will still grow up to be successful, handsome, healthy, etc! You are awesome for even trying, and how much better off is he for getting whatever mother's milk he did get. Yay for you! Choosing sanity is the best choice for you and your baby!

good luck with the whole pee soaking clothing problem-I only have girls, but they did that, too. Until I picked a different brand of diaper or went up a size. All 3-different brands. And different brands at different ages...so good luck!

so happy for you, he's a cutie! Happy new Year!

goddessdivine said... [reply]

Cute, cute, cute!! Who cares if he's peeing everywhere--he's adorable. ;-0

FoxyJ said... [reply]

So cute!

My first had a spitting up problem and we had a really awful Thanksgiving vacation at my husband's aunt's house where she managed to go through eight outfits in two days and we ran out of clean clothes before our vacation is over. I feel for you. Definitely try different diapers or different sizes and/or making sure things are pointing the right way.

Charlotte said... [reply]

Another reason for the pee fountain is if he recently had a circumcision and you are putting Vaseline on his spot. We recently went through the same thing. The Vaseline will make the diaper slide around and the pee will go right up his back. Once the spot heals up that should take care of it. Or, you might just need smaller diapers. Good luck!

jillian said... [reply]

He's adorable. And don't feel guilty about the breastfeeding thing. You tried. It's ok!!

Lady Steed said... [reply]

Thank you for sharing more pictures. He is lovely. I am already seeing some strong family resemblances.

My first was a winter baby too and we didn't go anywhere for the same reasons. Personally, I think this is one of the best things you can do for your baby, keep him inside with you and away from all those disease carrying people out in the world and at church. It is completely reasonable for you to take a break from church for the next month or two or three. My first was born early Dec and I don't think I went back to church until March. I highly recommend this.

FoxyJ said... [reply]

My most recent baby was born at the beginning of February and I didn't leave the house until Easter. I think I really didn't go anywhere until she was 2 months old--mostly just sat on the couch and read books and fed the baby. Partly for her sake and partly for mine since I had a c-section and a difficult uterus that doesn't like to heal itself. Don't feel bad about cocooning for a few months. Going places with a little baby is overrated.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Love the picture with your mom.

I don't think I left the house with my first two kids for at least four months. Maybe six. Pajamas for you and Lord Voldemort are a great look at 4 in the afternoon. Just go with it.

Breanne said... [reply]

I felt so guilty when I had to stop nursing, too. Honestly, I just felt like a failure. A failure whose mom kept going, "I don't know what's wrong with you, I had so much milk I had to donate it!" Yup. Good times.

My heart's with you. It did help to see my baby start to thrive and be happy with a full belly. =) And LV definitely looks like he's thriving!

Amy said... [reply]

I had the same issue when my son was born. Hardly any milk. Fear not though. Modern formula is pretty good. My little guy has turned out okay so far (he is 4 and smart as can be). Also, don't fear the "childhood obesity" from lack of breastfeeding. My guy is so skinny that we still have him on whole milk. They can still be totally healthy. :)

emandtrev said... [reply]

Do NOT feel guilty. You are just too awesome of a person, woman, mom, etc. to feel that way.

All of the pictures are so sweet, but I especially love the one with your mom. I can see he is a charmer already.

Happy New Year!

The Atomic Mom said... [reply]

I had my son at Thanksgiving. I didn't leave the house with him for about 2 months, and then even after that I'd only go to sac mtg and then straight home. I wouldn't let anyone touch him for about 6 months. I was not interested in the germ cesspool that was any sort of public gathering. The peditricians and I had the following convo: "You're Mormon, right?" "Yes, we are." "Then don't take him to church, I know how crazy those Relief Society ladies get around babies, and we don't want him to get sick." Ok, then....

mj said... [reply]

Very cute baby. By the way, even though there's no need to leave the house and sometimes hibernating seems cozy, make sure you take care of yourself and your needs. I know it can be depressing to have an early winter baby and then be stuck inside for three+ months. So, if you need to hand him off to GH and go for a walk (slowly, limping along the way if you're like I was) so be it.

Also, in a few weeks you too will be ready to start spouting off advice to all the newer moms just like all of us commenters. It's inevitable, but hey it's kind of cute. I mean, isn't it?

Desmama said... [reply]

MJ's right. It's tempting to cozy up and hunker down with him for months on end, but for your sanity, make sure you get out of the house every so often and walk around/go to the store/grab a bite to eat/whatever. It'll help you to not go crazy, even if you don't think you need it. Sometimes the walls start to close in. ;)

Kiersten said... [reply]

That picture with your mom is beautiful!

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