Proof that he's my child

(You know, in case the part where he exploded out of my body with the help of some salad tongs wasn't enough for me.)

It has been hard to get a handle on the Tiny Dark Lord's features. Some people say he resembles the Precii, but I'm not sure I see it. There are times when he makes these serious little faces that remind me of GH's nephew. His long fingers and insanely long, could-wrap-around-tree-branches toes definitely come from GH. And, with my luck, he will probably have brown hair and hazel eyes like his Dad.



We have discovered something important.

Behold, The Eyebrow.

I could not be more proud. And yeah, it's fine if you can't tell because his eyebrows are pretty much invisible, but I promise he's doing it. Others can bear witness. Cannot wait to be on the receiving end of that look when he's a teenager. Because yeah, I will probably feel like killing him where he stands, but there will also be pride.

Just to prove that we're a little ways off from there, though, he obliged me with a couple of cute faces. Enjoy.

And now I'm off for my 6-week checkup to see if I will ever be able to walk like a normal(ish) person again after said salad tongs incident. Wish me luck!


Janssen said... [reply]

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who wasn't back on the treadmill (or, you know, even attempting stairs) three minutes after giving birth.

Lady Steed said... [reply]

I can see it and I am so jealous. I wish I could raise my eyebrow. Do you really think you'll have to wait until he is teenager to be on the receiving end of that eyebrow? I don't, I'm sure he'll be using that thing be the time he's in preschool, " Oh really mother? You really think I'll be putting THAT shirt on today?"

Also, you'll walk normally again, it just won't be for quite a while...sorry. In the meantime, avoid stairs.

Lesley-Ann said... [reply]

Henry is gorgeous Steph, I hope you are enjoying motherhood!

Katie E. said... [reply]

I'm so proud! What a legacy to pass on!

deerhollow said... [reply]

He is such a handsome little fellow! Hope to be able to hold his cuteness one day! And the eyebrow is stellar. It just had to be ;)

emandtrev said... [reply]

Good luck! I hope everything goes great with the check-up.

You should be very proud of The Eyebrow in darling baby form.

Coolmom said... [reply]

Too cute.

Nells-Bells said... [reply]

he is insanely cute! hope the appt. went well...

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