About to be tested

My mom is in town, so now comes the part where Jenny and I compete for her time. Except I'm not going to compete, I'm just going to let her win while being sure to text my mother every time the Tiny Dark Lord giggles. As if the double rainbows and the parting of the clouds and the singing of the angels aren't clue enough.

She's here because my sister Spitfire is about to leave us. Next Wednesday we will drop her off at the Missionary Training Center in Provo. She's going to serve in the Independence, Missouri mission and will be gone for 18 months. We're all really excited for her, except I may have made the mistake of watching Winter's Bone and then went into a full-on panic-fueled rant about how my baby sister is not allowed to go among a bunch of meth cookers who will chop her up and feed her to their hogs and how I should show her the movie just so she knows that if she ends up anywhere that looks anything like that she should run as fast as her pantyhose-chafed legs will take her. (And yes, she has to wear pantyhose. The Church may have changed its dress code for sister missionaries, but her mission president did not. Too bad for her.)

Tonight we're going to have a last Girl's Night Hurrah downtown. We're having dinner at Cafe Trio, staying at the Little America, sleeping in and shopping in the morning, and then having a big family lunch. Spitfire will speak in her ward on Sunday in L**** so we're going to go to that. But in the meantime I'll be spending about 24 hours away from my baby and am already wondering if this will be a big mistake and I'll spend the whole time rocking in a corner while my mom and sisters try to force feed me Valium from street dealers.

Seriously, who can stay away from this?


Ana said... [reply]

Can they wear wool stockings or patterned wool stockings or pantyhose? I'm guessing fishnets are totally out of the question. Perhaps fishnet patterned/print pantyhose?

Maybe just the temple square sisters ;)

Kimi said... [reply]

Good luck to your sister! The summers are uber humid in Missouri, so the pantyhose-chafing isn't so far-fetched :)

Anyway, I just can't get over how beyond adorable your little Dark Lord is. I somewhat believe his nickname is quite the misnomer. He. Is. So. Flipping. Cute.

Have fun with your family!

Brittney said... [reply]

I can't believe how big TDL is already! I'm pretty sure my heart just grew three sizes from seeing his precious smiling face.

I'm sure you already know this, but just in case...the girl from Winter's Bone is going to be Katniss. As in Everdeen. Since you've seen her in action, what do you think?

Spitfire said... [reply]

Ana, I asked her and they have to be plain, non-colored (aside from nude or black) CONTROL TOP hose. What the heck is THAT even about. Talk about your chafage. . .

We're already composing a song called "Muffintop" to the tune of Lady Gaga's "Pokerface."

Nemesis said... [reply]

What the . . . that last comment was me, on Spitfire's computer. And Brittney, I know people are saying that the actress is too old to play a teenager, but I think she will be good. She did a good job in that movie of playing a stoic/tough character who can also be quite tender.

Thank you, Kimi!

goddessdivine said... [reply]

I'm so excited for your sister. You must include updates and fun stories.

As far as pantyhose, I think the Church will never give that up. Well, maybe when the last generation of "pantyhose or bust" dies out. My own mother is a pantyhose loyalist and thinks she has failed because her three daughters are anti. (I'm not totally anti; just in the summer months. Wintertime = tights. SOOO much better. And cuter.)

Every mission president is different. Once I left the MTC I could ditch the hose; but then again, I went to a S. American country where those things are totally impractical.

Mrs. Clark said... [reply]

I'll show my age by agreeing with the mission president. Going without hosiery, unless you're wearing sandals, is an unprofessional look and I think the weird get-ups on the sister missionaries is unprofessional enough. Those shapeless long black skirts have got to go! I'd let them wear shorter skirts (just below the knee) but I'd make them wear hose. And suits, or dresses with jackets. But then I'm old-school.

That baby is the cutest! Love his dimples!

Tammy Anderson said... [reply]

I cannot stop looking.. Definitely a cute picture!

N.F. said... [reply]

What a doll! Look at that face! :)

emandtrev said... [reply]

He is so darling! I love the Beatles shirt.

I will miss Spitfire(sad face), but she will be an awesome missionary.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]

Yeah! Mission!

I think I'm jealous. And I've done it. She will be awesome.

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