Happy Friday

For those who warned me about the mint, I have heeded your words. It is now safely contained in a pot--its dreams of world domination crushed for now.

In other gardening news, while GH and I were out my neighbors accidentally backed their truck into my containers! It's lucky for me (and unlucky for them) that it was the neighbors who care about gardens, so they spent a lot of time putting everything back together again--even re-potting one plant whose container was crushed under the wheels. So the plants are fine and are now living a little bit closer to the building. Extra sun is nice, but safety is nicer!

The Tiny Dark Lord wanted to say hello too. He's feeling good about life.

Little does he know how awesome it's about to get around here. I skipped the Provo Balloon Festival this morning (shhh! don't tell him) because it was feeling a bit too 6am-ish for both of us. But tonight we're going to try to hit an outdoor concert and tomorrow is the Cache Valley Cruise-In up in Logan. Since he loves watching cars go up and down our street I'm hoping this will just blow his little mind apart. There will also be parades and fireworks and every good thing.

ALSO? Check out my domestic goddessery. Am trying to be a little more "observing of the holidays" around here while keeping in mind that my space for storing decorations consists of one already-full plastic bin. So I've been finding a bunch of printables to slip into empty frames that I already have lying around my house. (Seriously. They are lying on my bedroom floor, in a corner, and sometimes I stub my toe on them. And then I hiss the first half of swear words. It's not a good way to live.)

I found this one and printed it out in honor of GH, who loves him some Neil Diamond with a devoted sort of love that makes me roll my eyes.

(print courtesy of Less Cake More Frosting)

Here's another from Madigan Made (also comes in navy blue with red):

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Independence Day weekend. Remember to wear your sunscreen, to place your fireworks on the ground before lighting them, and to listen to those liberal nutjobs on NPR read the Declaration of Independence on Monday.


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