21 Day Challenge, Day 2: Tucking

Ugh. Tucking. Ugh.

See, the last time I tucked things in on a regular basis was it was 1994 and we all had to tuck in our baggy shirts into our baggy shorts and then untuck them just so. I can only assume we were all trying to look like clowns. Or people who were trying to hide food in our shirts. Since then I have only tucked in my shirt when I am wearing a suit because I am going to a job interview.

But I'm going to put on my big-girl pants now and do this thing.

Cardigan: Banana Republic outlet
Tank top: Shade
Skinny jeans: Old Navy skinny jeans
Sandals: hand-me-down Chacos from my mom (because I have two huge blisters on my pinky toes right now so cute shoes were not happening)
Necklace: hand-me-down from my mom
Flower ring: from Pemberley Trimmings Boutique in American Fork--pretty, huh?

And the baby is home-made.


Janssen said... [reply]

My only regret about meeting you is that Mr. Homemade Baby wasn't there too.

But, then, eating out is far more fun when the baby is home in bed.

Señora H-B said... [reply]

homemade baby....bwahahaha!

Anyway, I felt the same way about tucking. I still feel somewhat the same way. We'll see if my feelings improve with belting--either that or I will die.

Elsha said... [reply]

Yeah, I pretty much never tuck my shirts in. There's no way to make that flattering on my post 2 babies tummy. Just no way.

Lady Susan said... [reply]

"we all had to tuck in our baggy shirts into our baggy shorts and then untuck them just so. I can only assume we were all trying to look like clowns"

Hahahahahaha! This is hilarious because I did it too! I think it was required in the 90's. And I have never tucked in anything again. Also, tucking is pretty much a no go when you are all legs and no torso. You just look wrong.

emandtrev said... [reply]

Not only do you look fabulous, but I love, love the homemade accessory. I have to say too--you look so lovely as either a blonde or a brunette. Lucky lady. I've never tried to go blonde, but I don't think it would end well. Hee!

Loved the reference to 1994 "just so" tucking too. You are so dead on all the time.

Jenny said... [reply]

Funny--I tucked my shirt in today, and thought (I haven't tucked in any of my shirts since the 1980s!).
But I lived. And I kind of liked it.

goddessdivine said... [reply]

Oh, I so remember the tucking! The oversized t-shirts and the baggie shorts. And then add the big hair. What were we thinking in the 80s/90s!?!

I don't tuck anything anymore. Well, except the garments....

Lisa said... [reply]

I don't tuck either, but discovered that the shirt I ended up tucking looks WAY better tucked in, so maybe I will again.

Science Teacher Mommy said... [reply]


Such a bad year for clothes. It took until 2004 for me to clean out my husband's closet of over-sized clothes. Belt it. Bag it. Cinch it.

Nothing more fun thank making a homemade baby.

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